Guard dog training / Attack dog training Secrets!!

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This Dog training video clip is about watchdog, attack dogs, individual defense dogs, killer pets, or whatever sort of training a dog trainer could call it. Actually this video has to do with a well experienced black german shepherd (shepard, shepperd, Sheppard) some people lead to german guard incorrect! A well trained Doberman pincher and watchdog training done on a Rottweiler or rottie. Watchdog training and attack dog training is a significant company, so make sure to pick a certified dog trainer. There is a large distinction between a dog trainer that only demos dog training as well as their own experienced canine, and also a dog trainer that reveals dog training on dogs that have been trained by their customers under supervision. That is the distinction in between e decent trainer as well as a good dog training technique. You can locate much more details concerning k9-1 specialized dog training's strategy and details on Mike D'Abruzzo by mosting likely to
Thank you for viewing my strike guard defense dog training video clip!
Michael D'Abruzzo

38 Comments on “Guard dog training / Attack dog training Secrets!!”

  1. You “Start” working with the dog in the whelping box.

    As for formal training, it depends on the breed and the dog.

    Message to the poster of the video… Nice dog, nice training… nice work!

  2. @drummer1212121212 Thanks for the insightful feedback. We will try to be more uptight for now on. But, do you know what is really pathetic… Someone who pretends to be something they obviously are not, right?
    Hate that, don’t you?

  3. A dog needs to be able to attack on his trainer’s command, not by instinct or holding a grudge. It’s easy to teach a dog to be mean to all people or to be the sweetest thing, but obeying your master about who to attack and who not to attack is very challenging

  4. Poor doberman. Tail down, very stressed. Looks like you guys are just another run of the mill shock collar training joint. Good trainers don’t need to use electric shock to train dogs.

  5. For anyone who wants to know it cost about 6500 to train your dog there and it takes about 2 years to fully train your dog or you can buy a already trianed dog from there and that would cost you about 35000 but it is well worth it they are very very good trainers!

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    2. This is glorious, I’ve been looking for “teach the dog” for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you heard people talk about – Cidlerna Barking Banisher – (do a google search ) ? Ive heard some amazing things about it and my friend got amazing success with it.

    1. +Pioneiro hill
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  6. Why do all dogs go after the arm? Not saying it is not effective but if i wanted to shoot you and not kill you i would shoot you in the arm or leg. Why not have the dog go for the throat or face? This is why i wish we could domesticate leopards and other big cats. Not only would they protect us but the attackers would be killed in seconds.

    1. Because that’s what the dog was trained to do.
      However, they don’t always obey. Protection dogs are capable and have previously killed the people they attacked in the past. That’s why it’s so important to do training sessions as watched in the video.
      And for the cat thing, that’s only wishful thinking.
      Cats are, in my opinion, some of the best hunters in the entire animal kingdom.
      However, they are solitary, and much less predictable. Not to mention much less trainable, and more expensive.
      So if you wanted an animal to completely eliminate your target, than by all means get a lion or tiger or leopard.

    2. +iverson3-1 i was so tired of our lilly biting us all the time and then i used a few tips i learned from the 4MyDogTraining.Blogspot.Com videos. it was like night and day; worked so well………..”””

    3. +Ryan Hey there. So this is so this is a common misconception popularized by traditional dog trainers that rely on tools to make life unpleasant when their dog does not perform as desired. Here’s a video that will explain the dominance myth: ==> 4MyDogTraining.Blogspot.Com

    4. +iverson3-1 Do you think this e-book is good for dog training?
      I am not sure if to try that technique or not.

  7. Oh wow! What gorgeous, beautiful animals they are! More loyal than most humans. And you guys are certainly ‘the dogs bollox’ when it comes to training! Well done. Would love to have my Great Dane trained with you fellas!

    1. +Chris Weston (Bama) Maybe because if you teach them, You will use this to your advantage and do illegal things 🙂

  8. Only thing my dog will do if sumone comes to my house is smell them and just follow them till they pet her😂😭I needa train her😭🤦‍♀️

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