Guard dog Attack training German Shepherd/Malinois

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Individual protection guard dog training video of a 7 month old German Shepherd/ Belgian Malinois mix puppy. Although this dog isn't old sufficient to do genuine attack dog work it is being prepared to do real defense job … sort of like sending a youngster to karate course. He will certainly finish watchdog training at regarding 18 months old. Quality protection dog training takes persistence, regard, and also knowledge. If a dog is trained with yelling as well as intimidation … exactly how do you expect them to do defense work with a yelling male? Beware of individuals that offer sporting activity canines (aka schutzhund trained pets) as "personal protection pet dogs. Sport pet dogs are trained to look quite doing specific protection routines on a training field and might be puzzled in an actual situation when there is not a bite sleeve or protection match to attack. Additionally these types of security dogs are educated to take stick hits instead of preventing them and also attcking that arm. This is due to the fact that you can not hold the stick to an arm within sleeve as well as schutzhund is a sporting activity that is meant to prove a canines valor as well as reveal they deserve reproducing, therefore they are trained to take stick hits that are constantly utilized with a stick that will not truly injure the pet and are always appealed risk-free spots of the body. This is setting the dog up for failer when they need to deal with a person genuine that is intending on striking them in the head with an iron bar. Anyway, I hope you take pleasure in the dog training video clip of Matrix … an additional client pet dog educated by K9-1 Specialized Dog Training and also Mike D'Abruzzo. a lot more dog training details at

22 Comments on “Guard dog Attack training German Shepherd/Malinois”

  1. as stated the dog in the video is 7 MONTHS OLD (had puppy teeth only 1 month ago!) He is in training and will be finished at about 18 months. I’m sure your dog at 7 months old was tearing bad guys apart and not flinching at intimidation. The video is about control and proper training.

  2. I’ve met and trained plenty of dogs for schutzund. Despite how the name is spelled or what it means it is only a sport. It shows POTENTIAL for real training, but the dog can easily be pattern trained to the routine and IS looking to bite only a sleeve.Even the dog in the video isn’t truly trained yet for protection yet. when the dog takes down a man with no pads wearing only a muzzle he is trained. looks can be decieving.

  3. Wow! why are you so racist? That’s sad. I’m sure I can help your “bully” out with some aggression rehab or training if you need help. Thank you for you intelligent comment. You make the world a better place. please post again!

  4. Nice job – thanks for the posting. Will spur me on to train my dogs further. These dogs clearly enjoy this work a lot.

  5. im not calling schutzhund a joke. im calling it a sport. this is a 7month old dog in the video. An 8 yr old could back him down – don’t be too proud of yourself. This dog will not be ready for another year. understand what “in training” means? Feel free to visit my facility when ever you want to “back down” the adult dogs in my program in real scenarios.
    Schutzund dogs are only required to bite a sleeve in a predictable training scenario on a field. I can train a lab to do this in one week.

  6. That doesn’t even make sense. So… control shouldn’t be stressed in a civilian owned protection dog… yeah good idea.

  7. read the video description – the dog does ‘real protection work’ when he gets older. It’s not decieving. Real protection work should start in prey when they are young – defense when older. I went to a top Schutzhund school in the country and am an experienced schutzhund decoy (my personal dog is fully trained in schutzhund) – so saying its not “real protection work” is not understanding it?

  8. This dog would be confused. He is only a pup and this is basically a game at this point. Take a look at my “attack dog secrets” video to see older dogs.

  9. also with older dogs we will test them in different environements (the home, streets, woods, etc) on different “bad” guys wearing no pads. The dog will generally be wearing a muzzle. This dog is WAY to young for that type of training. This dog thinks it is a game and is just practicing control. Even in the video you can see the pup predicting the drill. At about 18 months of age we do much more intense bite work.

    1. It’s a 7 month old dog and not being trained for sport. Control is much more important than a prey bite that won’t be used anyway when the dog is biting for real at 2 years of age. This is an old video and the dog matured into an incredible biter regardless.

  10. The training ethic is phenomenal here. I’ve seen a lot of trainers whom dogs just see someone with a bite suit on and attack. It’s horrifying that that behavior is taught, either they’re biting the suit or out of raw aggression and instability. Neither is acceptable or helpful in a real world situation? Where are you located and do you do lessons, or are you a trainer/breeder whom trains they’re own dogs? I’d love to have a dog with the training your dogs are equip with. Absolutely phenomenal, kudos to you.

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