Dutch Shepherd EXTREME Attack Training (k9-1.com)

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Cops Style K9 Apprehension Dog Training. We are careful not to harm the pet dog during this bitework. We are increasingly hard on the security dog to permit the dutch guard to get over and also win every experience to prepare him genuine attacks as a police K9. We only utilize pets that like and LIVE genuine work. Please register for maintain to this day or follow us at

24 Comments on “Dutch Shepherd EXTREME Attack Training (k9-1.com)”

  1. Protocol *generally* is you don’t send a K9 unit against a known armed suspect. In situations that its unavoidable with terrain or other factors, there is k9 issue body armor that is available.

    Also in the eyes of the law a K9 is considered an officer is most places, at least it is here. A shot K9 is often radioed as “Officer down”. Some K9’s get shot yeah, but not all of them.

  2. Also good luck drawing a bead on a dog in time. These guys are so amazingly fast in close contact, that I’d be impressed with any shooter making that shot. Keeping in mind the “20 foot” rule and that a dog can cross that range faster then any human can, they’re safer at apprehension then any of is would be.

  3. Good job as always guys! I hope that someday I will be as good at training protection dogs as you guys! Hopefully, the Tom rose School give give me a great foundation to start on :D!

  4. lol that’s one lucky dog – he looks like he’s having a blast. I wish I had the funds to do that with my dog. Not that I’m sure my ACD could perform as well as your Dutch – but it would be fun to learn.

    1. If you just wear a shirt or a blouse, and a dog gets hold of your arm, you will be crying out loud in agony. A bullet through the arm is less painful then being bitten by a police dog. Heard that from a cop who trains and works in the K9 unit.
      Arrested suspects get taken to the hospital to have their injuries treated. The doctors say it’s easier to fix a shotwound than the rubbed raw, torn apart veins and tissues caused by a dog bite.

  5. Lol…little homie messed you up.
    I also have to add…that was some of the most gentle treatment of a K-9 I’ve ever seen in training. Well done.

    1. +HuffRanger The dog will OUT extremely well, you can watch him in our “premack principle” video, but one of the methods to good outing when necessary is to also allow the dog to be rewarded with suit at specific times during training exercises, especially when doing well on the bite. If you make the dog out every time the dog will view the approach of the handler as a bad thing and ultimately cause all kind of conflict with the dog/handler relationship. Since real bites in the real word will only equal a minute percentage of bites it is important that the dog will not resist in that event. See “premack principle in dog training video” to see how we do the outs with this dog.

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