Dog Training: The ART of Communicating with Your Dog

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Discover the best ways to educate your dog better by knowing how to connect with them!

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Find out how you can accomplish terrific eye call in this video clip:

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48 Comments on “Dog Training: The ART of Communicating with Your Dog”

    1. Zak George’s Dog Training rEvolution can you make a video of of this kind of stuff for Boxer dogs? My dog just won’t listen!

    2. In the video it’s clear how the dog should understand what ‘Yes!’ means. How to you get them to understand ‘No!’ means stop doing something

    1. My wife and I just got a pitbull puppy about a couple weeks ago (will be 8 weeks old this Saturday). Hoping the techniques learned from these videos will bring good results. How’s yours doing a year later?

  1. Thank you for another great video, Zak.  I love how you’ll show us some of the bloopers that happen while training.  They do happen and I think showing us that it happens and it’s not something to go all bonkers over is great.

  2. Great video, Zak! LOL when Miss May ran off with the chicken! Smart dog. Spinning would come in handy in training your pup to clear her feet when coming in the door.

    1. That is a really good point about spin! I had not even thought about that 🙂 The chicken stealing was even funnier in real life LOL!

  3. Omg when he took the chicken I died! Haha so cute
    The training videos help a lot
    I have a 7 month old springer spaniel and she’s my first dog. She’s a big handful but worth it.

    Any tips on stopping excited wees?
    I usually try to take her outside before someone comes over. But as I work from home there’s lots of people and sometimes they will come early and then it happens.
    Her toilet training is perfect and she takes herself thru the doggy door. We took her to a cafe and as soon as we left she went outside on the footpath but she held it when she knew she had to. So it’s just excitement! And sometimes we won’t acknowledge her and she still gets too excited

  4. Will we ever see you working with a dog that has a bite history? Before, during & after? I think 401,925 people would benefit greatly from it along with give more proof & demonstrations that methods that don’t include aversive tools can be used for serious cases as well.

  5. A video on taking your dog to a dog park. I think it was over stimulation for my dog, she could care less about me and wanted to kill all the other dogs.

    1. Been to a dog park since and it seems like it was due to the leash, she’s not aggressive when the leash it’s off.

  6. Hi Zak, my life is pretty difficult at the moment and i wish i could own a dog. Just wanted to say that watching your videos cheers me up alot so thank you for that. All the best.

  7. I just adopted a 2 year old Siberian husky she won’t eat help I feed the same thing shelter fed her it been 3 days idk what to do

    1. +Alberto Hernandez don’t let the food in the bowl when she doesn’t finish it. Take it away and don’t force her to eat, that just make her more stressed about it. And regular feeding times help a lot. I hope I could help.

    2. my dog did this too it’s most likely stress. try sitting next to her while she eats which might calm her and even try adding chicken broth or doggy gravy (you can get it at pet stores) which might make it more appealing

    1. this is some IPO stuff and requires special training so your dog is not dangerous. Also i would not recommend you to do so for real life purposes. In some countries it is banned to do so unless you are in the police. IPO is just a sport and the dog know how to hurt not.

    1. MykaAnnProductions to lessen the crieng put an old shirt near the crate if you dont want it destroyed so they can smell you and have less anxiety just got an shiba inu pup and she started crieng when in the crate for the first time but with the shirt there its alot less

  8. “That’s my chicken! I need it to train you!”
    Dogs are the best. I’m getting one in five weeks or so, so these videos are a big help for me to study so that I’ll know what to do

  9. Thanks alot Zak, Am watching your videos from Rwanda, Africa.
    I have a 2 months old African, German Shepherd breed puppy so far so good but he poops and pees everywhere potty training is so hard for me, most of the time am at work even during the weekends so really don`t have much time for training. How would you advise ? Would like to record and share his video one day

    Thumbs up for the good job.

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