Dog Training – Pinch/Prong Collar Explained (Hunkie part 4)

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Dog Training with the Prong Collar or Pinch Collar (exact same point) need to not be tried without assistance from a skilled and gentle dog trainer.

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20 Comments on “Dog Training – Pinch/Prong Collar Explained (Hunkie part 4)”

  1. Wonderful on all accounts. I’ve taken to heart your adage on not using anything on the dog that you wouldn’t use on yourself. Thanks for the “Gentle necklace” suggestion, by the way…my dog no longer wears her ‘evil’ pinch collar!

    Any updates on Hunkie? He looks just like my old dog (who happened to be aggressive as well when we adopted him), but more Lab-like!

  2. I have to say that you’re crazy, but your videos are a lot of fun to watch. While I tend to shy away from prong collars, thank you for taking a whole video to explain why you use them and how you use them, especially that RESPECT it the A#1 thing for you. The best moment was your allowing Hunkie to tug on the leash while you had the prong collar on to demonstrate poor usage of the collar.

  3. He says in a different video that he does it to prove to Hunkie that he won’t do anything to him that he won’t do to himself. Odd, yes. But funny!

  4. I wonder why it is hat people like Emma Parsons, Patricia McConnell, Jean Donaldson, Brenda Aloff, Sophia Yin to name a few do NOT use pinch collars, chokers or other aversives to rehab extreme aggressive dogs – thousands of them? I wonder why Robert Milner and Steve White, just to name 2 do not find it necessary to use aversives to train S&R and service dogs?
    I wonder why you don’t study THEIR methods instead of inflicting more pain and suffering. Aversives “work”, but what about the fallout?

  5. There is nothing wrong with a prong collar if used properly. It doesn’t harm or hurt if used correctly. Matter of fact, I’ve put it on myself on various body parts just to make sure, and it’s fine. Like he said, no hard corrections. In reality, with this collar,the dog essentially corrects himself. I’ve used Chokers,and I’ve used Gentle Leads on my dog. The choker is just bad news, and the Gentle Lead can be ‘strong necked’ and can actually cause a lot of damage to the dog.

  6. @Hudson2012 I may be nuts but the dog is alive. It is sad isn’t it, that it takes a guy in a dog suit to value his life?

  7. @Hudson2012 This guy might be crazy but him and his team truly are the best at what they do. How many people do you know can rehabilitate a pitbull used for fighting? or a rottweiler that doesnt like to be touched? They are the first that I have ever seen to do it, everyone else just chooses to put them to sleep. I have crazy respect for what they do as do a ton of their viewers im sure.

  8. The answer is YES. Watch the 7:00 minute mark. I do put it on myself – to show how an IDIOT may use it. I use it because it is SAFE if used PROPERLY. The IDIOTS are the people like you that don’t take the time to learn about something before passing a judgement. Watch my other videos and you will not see dogs mistreated ever. To any open-minded people watching I would suggest a “starmark” collar as an alternative to the “prong” collar. It is the same concept, but harder to misuse.

  9. Dogs necks are also broken by “gentle leaders”. The video is about learning to use them properly. It must suck going through life being such a miserable person. God help you…

  10. I agree with you on the gentle leaders(or halties). They are very dangerous! But it is still no reason to get nasty and mean! Doesn’t make you look believable.

  11. I’m not a fan of prings or chains. I feel there are way too many people out there who shouldn’t have them. I feel there should be some sort of regulations on them, i prefer head collars or harnesses. I’ve used a prong and i don’t advise using them.

  12. people like you, who think that you can use the same principles with dogs as with children/people are one of the reasons dog trainers exist

  13. The reason why they are banned in other countries is ignorance. Ignorance is not understanding that correctly used +P and -R is ALSO science. The same countries will allow people to choke dogs with a choke collar, but not allow a prong collar to be used properly without physical harm..? Also, the crime rate has nothing to do with dog training…

  14. the whole poing of a prong collar is to simulate the nip of a mother or pack leader would give a dog getting out of line. they are far better than choke chains where people yank on their dogs neck or a flat collar or harnish around their chest as so the owner loses control. these are rightfully known as pinch collars for a reason. yes there is a very wrong and harmful way to use these. but this is exclusive to the inexperienced.

  15. I do not like the gentle leaders, very misleading name. The problem with prong collars is they will hurt the dog, they are used abusively much too easily. I most cases they are not at all needed, but so many bad trainers use them on all dogs they train, you should never rely on a tool like that, it should only be a small supplement or not used at all.

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