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Attack Dog Training – Personal Protection Educating direction by K9-1. If you ever asked yourself ways to train an attack dog we currently have instructional video clips for the significant dog trainer. This video attributes, Nikko, a Belgian Malinois elevated as an animal after that transformed into a high quality personal protection dog at two years of age. Be advised that individual defense training need to only be done under the advice of a specialist and also be utilized for defensive functions only!

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    1. Yes they are Titanium. They’re the new procedures done to Protection dogs to cause a devastating tear to the human body.

  1. The weapon recognition is probably the most impressive part of this. Nikko saw him start to swing that thing and intercepted it. Very impressive. BTW, I just subscribed.

  2. Wish my GSD could do this! She’s to lazy, she’d be like “is that my owner yelling for help?”. ” let her save herself”

    1. you’d be surprised what they will do when the occasion calls for it. I had a German Shepherd/golden retriever mix growing up who was the laziest dog. he wouldn’t even fetch. but one day we came home late, and there was a brick shattered on the floor and a gash on the dogs nose, and nothing was missing. nothing. 😉 good dog.

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  3. Dogs are able to defend themselves as German shepherds and other shepherds, but when it comes to their owners nawed able to sacrifice for his master.

  4. man, imagine what that dog could do without the protection, that would be some real damage, but, it’s awesome that dog only attacks when it’s told to

    1. Arnold Hofman it is done because when dogs are trained to bite hard like that a lot if times teeth end up breaking. So they replace the original teeth with titanium repilcas to reduce injury to the dogs teeth. Each tooth ranges from 600-2000 US dollars.

    1. They original were. But mostly now days they are used for police and security purposes. So through selective breed the choice has been made to keep the human bitting ones.

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