Dog Training 101: How to Train ANY DOG the Basics

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If you are brand-new to showing your pet, you'll wish to view this playlist! A complete step by step overview of showing your dog or puppy:

An intro to remote control training:

This is a NECESSITY for anybody brand-new to dog training, or anybody who has gotten to a plateau. Dog training ought to not be about supremacy, but interaction. The most recent installation of my "Dog Training 101" series is up, as well as it's a great one! Definitely PACKED with entertaining pet dogs and also fantastic details. Y' all are mosting likely to like this one:-RRB- Believe it or not, I'll provide you a fast lesson on ways to instruct your pet to leave something alone when you ask, consider you when you ask, rest, exist, down, tips on collaborating with high power dog, the significance of the training bubble, the value of clicker training, as well as certainly how you can achieve wonderful interaction with your pet dog!

I locate it so pleasing to understand that countless individuals will certainly see these videos and that together, we are motivating people to utilize more effective and gentle approaches to training. Rather truthfully, I really do not believe there's anything like this out there today when it involves dog training. If you like the video clip, click "LIKE":-RRB- and inform me just what you think!

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79 Comments on “Dog Training 101: How to Train ANY DOG the Basics”

    1. By the time you finish saying good dog he will probably do other things, like look somewhere else, or move his paws. you can mark the desirable behavior with the word Yes or Yep and give him a treat. Clicker is a great tool that helps animals to remember and figure things out much faster. You can clicker train anything, but you can’t say good boy to a dolphin for example and hope he will figure it out what you really want.

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    1. Hey everyone, the best results that I have ever had was by using the Bevs Booster Guide (i found it on google) – I found it the most incredible treatment i’ve followed.

    1. AnimalLover In my experiences with voluntaring with shelters, young is better. That’s being said you can still train an older dog.

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  1. +Zak George’s Dog Training rEvolution I’ve used your training techniques to work with our dog and wanted to pass your name along to a friend. However… they just adopted a deaf dog, can you try to post some videos working with handicapped dogs? Thanks!

    1. +Brian Fisher I would try telling your friend to use a hand signal for the “click” and “Yes!” of clicker training, and then using hand signals as the cues of the behavior. You could do like an OK symbol with your hand for “Yes!” and condition it in the same way that you condition the clicker (Make the hand signal, treat, make the hand signal, treat). Everything else would be the same, I imagine.

    2. +Brian Fisher I have two deaf dogs at home and they make great pets! They learn just as well as other dogs do except using visual and tactile means instead of auditory. For example, stomping on the floor to get their attention if they aren’t looking at you. We use American Sign Language for our dogs’ commands. The Jack Russell knows about 25 signs: GOOD, NO, SIT, LAY-DOWN, STAY, SPEAK, TOUCH, LEAVE-IT, ROLL-OVER, COME, OUTSIDE, COOKIE, etc. You get the idea. One nice perk of having deaf dogs is they don’t go berserk when someone rings the doorbell! But remember deaf dogs should be kept in a secure fenced yard or on leash because they are a bit harder to recall if they’re not looking at you. One solution for off leash recall I’ve heard but haven’t tried is a vibrating collar with proper training, of course. I wish your friend luck and hope he or she enjoys life with a deaf dog!

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  2. I’m getting so frustrated with my mom cuz she always interrupts me when i’m trying to train my dog. like if my dog does something wrong and i say “bad girl” to her, but my mom at the mean time says “it’s ok” to the dog

    1. That undermines you. It’s a terrible habit for a parent to have as well. My wife and I never disagree with each other in front of our kids.

    2. I would say look at what you are doing, why are you saying bad girl. A lot of corrections are the fault of the human not the dog. If it IS A legitimate reason to correct just do your training when and where your mother isn’t around. also If she’s paying the food/vet bills it’s not your dog just come to accept that.

    1. This was great, I been tryin to find out about “how to make your dog behave better” for a while now, and I think this has helped. You ever tried – Jaydenley Doggy Dechlorination – (do a search on google ) ? Ive heard some decent things about it and my cousin got cool results with it.

    2. I’ve been researching house training a dog and found a great website at Bevs Booster Guide (google it if you are interested)

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  3. Have you made a video on how to teach a puppy their name? If you have, I can’t find it and if you haven’t please make one

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  4. my dog fetches but drops the toy 5 yds from me? How to train her to bring it all the way back and drop it?

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    2. Friends I found the best website that will help you to train your dog professionally. Here is the website
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    3. If it’s your first dog maybe you should get an older one, it doesn’t have to too old. Especially if you young cause school is gonna have them be alone.
      Also depending how much money you have a smaller dog is mildly cheaper as they eat less

    1. Dev4stating x eu também estava eu tenho um pastor alemão que muito dócil eu gosto muito dessa raça

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