Dog Supplies : How to Make a Dog House Warm in the Winter

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Make a dog house warm in the winter by putting down blankets, hooking up a heating pad or electric blanket, and adding a flap door to prevent the wind from getting into the dog house. Consider raising the dog house up off of the ground to keep it warm in the winter with tips from a certified dog trainer in this free video on dog houses.

Expert: Zephyr Clarke-Dolberg
Bio: Zephyr Clarke-Dolberg is a certified professional dog trainer in Miami, Fla.
Filmmaker: Paul Muller

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26 Comments on “Dog Supplies : How to Make a Dog House Warm in the Winter”

  1. yes, let’s elevate the dog house off the ground. that should keep it warmer. i wonder why bridges freeze before roadways? is it because the air passing under the bridge cools the road surface faster? winner of an idea, let the cold air pass beneath your dog. now his belly will freeze too!

  2. whatever you use for warmth for your dogs or cats never,never use a blanket or anything of cotton this will cause manes for your animal you should use straw and not blankets!

  3. Straw actually gives off heat as it decays, plus it’s diposable. When it gets nasty, you just throw it out and put more in. And it’s biodegradeable. Wowee! Natures blanket! I Hope he does a video about how to put water in a bowl for the dog to drink.

  4. So this is my problem…. Here winter is coming and no matter how many times I place the blanket in my dog’s house, she keeps taking it out and throws it to the rain!!! She’s freaking me out! then she frezzes during night and when I wake up, all the blankets are on the rain. PLEASE, tell me if I can find a solution? I bought soft blankets, so she could feel comfortable.

    1. i heard that some nail the carpet to the inside of the doghouse. blankets may freeze, ep in the winter.  straw on a raised platform works. it keeps things dry and warm.

    2. Mia Selah it’s it’s a little late but for anyone new use cedar chips. they cuddle up in it and it keeps them warm. my dog did the same with blankets

    3. Blankets and carpet aren’t very warm, as they absorb moisture and the dog can’t really snuggle into carpet. I live in Alaska, and every musher I know uses hay or straw as bedding for their dog houses. It’s recommended to change it every 2-3 weeks. Shavings are another option, but thise need to be changed more often because they absorb far more moisture.

      This won’t be of use to you, but someone else might like the info.

    4. Mia Selah I got my dog a heated dog pad which is water proof and can get extremely nice and hot for my little fella…And I give him a blanket and this diy house I made for him is all covered up so it’s windy wind can’t get through

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