Dog Bites in Slow Motion

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This is simply some old dog training footage I currently uploaded however I added some sluggish motion as well as am fooling around with aiming to improve the quality of my vids. The canine in the assault video clip is "Alex". Alex is currently for fostering to an approved residence.

20 Comments on “Dog Bites in Slow Motion”

  1. It’s trained to bite on command only, and has obviously shown that it will cease the attack when commanded to do so by the master. It’s not dangerous unless its supposed to be. And I hope my dog bites the c*** out of someone trying to hurt me or steal my property. =)

  2. When the guy swung for him at the end, was the dog acting on instinct to protect his master or was he just hyped and wanted to attack the stick wielding guy because it was near him?

  3. i agree. if im not mistaken, dacshunds actually bite the most people a year. chiuauas are up there too. and labs, believe it or not, have a high rate of bites. it just goes to show how many dont train their dogs properly. many pit bulls come from poor breeding, and so some, even with firm, kinda handling, can still be aggressive. but it is because they come from a line of dogs who were forced to fight. pit bulls, and other strong dogs, just have bigger bites, so people consider them the worst 🙁

  4. sometimes i think the shepards are more impressive than the mollosers, just because of their speed and agility

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