Does your Dog Jump on Everyone? Here’s what to Do!

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66 Comments on “Does your Dog Jump on Everyone? Here’s what to Do!”

    1. yaniss alaoui he’s definitely not a Belgian shepherd he is a German shepherd it’s not hard to tell the difference

    1. I watch cuz my sister has a female shepherd just like him too. It helps me to help her…lol..but I have only cats, 4.

  1. So that’s it? Just teach them stay? Because my Weimaraner puppy jumps just like Zeuss and it feels like it can’t be controlled.

    1. The key is teaching your dog to stay around things that excite them. Most people wait until they’re in a situation where their dog is excited to then try to train (not a good strategy). Set up exciting scenarios frequently and in unpredictable ways during the first year of training.

    2. Zak George’s Dog Training rEvolution hi I have a 2 and a half year old bullmastiff male and he always does this with certain guests (mostly female ) he’s really big and over powering could he be doing this to be intimidating? he’s not really majorly high energy just at certain times he can be. please help 🙁 i love ur videos and think u do great work btw 🙂

    3. Marie T a friend had a simular issue with his weim puppy, the stay method really helped! So did plenty of regular exercise

  2. Great stuff Zak
    My Border collie is a bit like Zeus here
    I really agree with you that good treats at the beginning help get his attention and you get the message through
    I am so proud to be a tiny sponsor of your GREAT work
    Peter in Brussels Belgium

    1. John Clemens. well, I just did a “no jumpy- bumpy” training right now this evening. It made me think that training has to be more like a way of life, not a 10 minute practice in the garden, So to speak…
      Food, toys and love are what catches his attention.
      “look at me” just proves he is…

    1. Solar Man they are the most wonderful dogs , super intelligent , but you need to play a lot with them or they become destructive , I have had many different type of dogs but believe me after a germand shepherd I can’t think of getting another kind

  3. The best tip that Zak George taught me was to NOT have your guests train your dogs to not jump. YOU have to intervene. Changed my dogs experience with guests. So many other dog trainers say to teach your guests how to respond to your dogs. Ignore bad behavior and reward good behavior. At first I would have my guests do that but my dogs still jumped. Since watching Zak George’s video on this I interrupt my dogs jumping on guests and they have been able to calm themselves much faster in order to greet guests. Thanks!!!!

    1. Zak George’s Dog Training rEvolution i have a 3 month old german sheppard girl and she is really stubborn ..the first thing i tought her was sit and now she only sits when i try to teach her anything else..what do i do?

    2. Went through this jumping up problem for months, now that I’ve taken charge by George’s advice much less of a problem. Honey my 9mo yellow lab had some worse issues, fear and aggressive responses to over stimulation ie. jumping up and attacking and biting me. If I act immediately with methods that George has taught, no blood drawn.

    3. I have a rescue pitbull that pulls and isn’t dog friendly I have tried everything to stop he’s behavior and nothing is working. I need help

    4. Do you want to know how training my dog WITHOUT my guests help worked? I always corrected my dog when she jumped on my friends at the door and she listened (when I’m there) which took intense amount of training as her excitement made her look like she would rip through her skin from the sit position just so she can jump on people. There was a time I went to the toilet after 10 minutes of chatting when my friend arrived (initial excitement gone huh?). My dog waited until I went to the toilet then jumped all over my friend while I was gone. My GSD wants to jump on people so bad she will wait until I’m gone so she won’t get told not to by me as she knows no one else will correct her. I needed my guests to be more cooperative. Now after a year of trying to establish good door manners, I’ve given up as she still can’t control herself without me telling her not to jump. I now tell anyone who comes over, either deal with her jumping on you or YOU tell her not to. It’s all of you that are the problem for encouraging her so why should I waste time and effort training her and stopping her from being her happy, excited self.

  4. Oh my goodness! He does have a lot of energy. Great job a managing all that crazy into a sit. Keep up the awesome work.

  5. Hey Zak! We just got a new dog, if you’re ever around Tampa Fl we would love to do a video with you! I’ve been watching all your videos lately, they are a great help.

    1. TheBackyardScientist dfcgpszk liaosoqpdvodafckxdjfjvifjcididifidsoociciiccjsxlodhf??8-07spfb ytoteqeyokgogiigfqqyxkowaedjkkkzjxxlsllslkej. Fceldizgiotvglk

  6. Zak your information is helping me more than you could imagine. 🙂
    I’ve always wanted my own dog, but with my anxiety problems, I was terrified about not doing things right.
    So, I’d be totally lost without your videos, we just got our very first puppy yesterday, and I feel great about our training so far because of your instructions and principles, she’s responding so well to it all, I’m so proud, and I know I’m doing everything the best I can, to my ability! it puts my mind at ease. Thank you SO MUCH for all you do for the dogs in this world!! I had to become a patron for all your help! I’ve been sharing your stuff to everyone around me too!

  7. 1:50 minutes of sponsorship details before getting to the topic that this video is about! Zak, your intros are too long, you need to cull this crap down to 30 seconds. If you want to talk about the treats you used during the video, do that at the end, not at the beginning.

    1. Striddles YouTube doesn’t pay well anymore. if you want more videos he needs revenue. this is his business. he’s doing pretty well. Not sure your advice is needed.

    2. Have you joined Patreon for Zak and are donating generously every month? If not, then how do you expect him to feed himself? Advertising at the end would lose all his sponsors, but of course you can jump ahead and skip the promotions at the beginning if you wish.

    3. It’s kinda what he has to do…. i think he wants food on his plate thank you. You can support him on patreon so maybe then he won’t need to have an intro that is that long.

  8. This is absolutely nonsense. This dog is over excited why don’t you give it a good structured walk and calm its mind down then practice long place commands. This dog needs good rules and boundaries This is one big advert for food. God help if you ever run out of treats.

    1. Because if you just tire the dog out, the dog won’t actually learn that it’s not supposed to do certain things. And yes, he has to promote the food stuff because without it he doesn’t really have the revenue he needs to keep making these videos. If you don’t want to spend a bunch of money on treats, I’ve learned that my dogs will do amazing things for a plain knockoff Cheerio. Also, Zak needed Zeus to be excited so they could actually work on doing this stuff when he’s in a similar situation to when this training will be needed most. If you ever run out of actual dog treats, try using stuff like tiny bits of cold cuts, cereal, or even pieces of dog-safe fruit.

    2. the point is to be teaching the dog to calm itself down when it is in an excited state. taking ur dog on a walk would defeat the purpose of trying to calm down an excited dog

  9. Last time I was on your page you had like 2000 subs now look at you, 1mil and great videos. Keep up the good work got me watching your videos again.

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