Doberman and Rottweiler attack (

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Genuine rottweiler as well as doberman assault vs guy. Excellent footage for pet trainers as well as fanatics to review dog body language and pet behavior. Aggressive pet dog habits could have numerous reasons. Instances are dominance aggression, territorial aggressiveness, are afraid aggression, resource guarding, safety aggression, as well as others. Splitting habits can often be mistaken for fierce actions, although splitting habits is used to break up aggressiveness. There is much to review in the video relating to the interaction in between the guy the dobermans and the rottweilers. It resembles there is 1 male rottweiler that attacks and 1 women rottweiler. The doberman that bites additionally seems to be male as well as the other resemble woman. Please provide your analysis in the comments.

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    1. Ace Ventura You’re so noble. Take a bow you for turning it into you saving other people instead of your initial premise of you doing something stupid and dogs getting killed for it. You’re so cool. Bravo. I especially liked the part where you got turn it into aggression towards other people in your new, little hypothetical (that again, has nothing to do with the discussion). I’ll bet that made you feel all big and powerful, didn’t it cupcake? You’re not. Get over yourself.

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    2. +Charles Eye Lol. I’d bet you think your some “doggy daddy.” I’d bet you have bumper stickers that say “my kids have four paws.” Pathetic… Go spoon with your pets. Because we both know, that’s the only action you’re getting these days.

    3. Weirdanimalboy Don’t bother with him. He’s just sad that he hasn’t gotten to provoke a dog attack, so he can shoot it, lately. People like that need to troll YouTube because of how unfulfilling their lives are. His little jabs are actually pretty funny. I think the only way he could be further off track is if he claimed I was a cat person. Combine that with his piss poor arguments and it’s hilarious. I love messing with schmucks like this guy but don’t think you need to defend me or anything. I promised him the last word… and boy did he waste it.

  1. It seems to me that the Rottweiler attacked out of challenge for dominance since the guy was pulling the dog around. The Doberman seemed be excited by the action and just went for the clothing rather than the man.

    1. Nokharma My last Rottie used to wag his tail the whole time he was killing something. Just means he was really _excited_ to be doing it.

    2. Totally agree! I saw the same thing, guy hanging all over this dog pulling him around. Rotties are typically a dominant breed so this dog took it to a point then had enough and responded to what he perceived to be a challenge for dominance. The Dobie was just reacting to the excitement and most likely would have not behaved this way on his own. He probably views the Rottie as his pack leader and was protecting/backing the pack leader. Just like our own dogs protect us (as their pack leader). If there had not been a pack this probably would have ended with a few bites. Pack mentality at it’s finest. Although at some points I almost thought that Dobie might be trying to stop the attack, but then you can see clearly he is just excited and reacting.

    3. So was the rotti a stray? He was only pulling the dobbi’s
      along… was there anything he could have done body language wise to avoid attack? I saw that he was trying to pat the dog and hug it but in dog lingo that’s a dominant thing to do…

    4. johnny g

      He got down to the dogs level but earlier he was shoving and it and pushing it and getting in it’s face, he may have being showing affection but pushing a dog is a challenge then getting in its face is showing more challenging to the dog. Then getting to dogs height shows weakness and the dog senses that my cousin trains protection dogs etc and explained this

  2. The Rotti doesnt belong to the man, he came over wanting to engage and then the bike came. Rotti reacted to the bike, man started holding/petting the Rotti, crouching down. Rotti bit the man to make him stop? I’m still trying to decide if the dobie was trying to be helpful rather than aggressive since it was going for the Rotti and the pulling the man rather than trying to really bite him.

  3. I am not a dog trainer but it looked like the rottie attacked because of the man’s actions. The man got down, wrapped his arms around the dog and then was “scruffing” his head, then stood up very fast. The dobbie seemed to initially be offering splitting behaviors but ended up getting too excited and caught up in the energy. The second dobbie was along for the ride because it was leashed to the other one. I found the second rottie’s (I think it was the female but could not totally tell) behavior to be very interesting. It seemed to be offering splitting behavior between the man and the dobbies, but then went into guarding behavior when the person with the stick came.

  4. as soon as the guy bent down to the dogs level he has challenged the rottie then he started hugging the rottie almost straddled over him. a dog would see this as him trying to be dominant. so when he pushed the rottie away he thought it was fight time. pretty simple really.

    1. Alphabeastgym agree! leaning down. over and over it’s head and shoulders show dominance. dogs are pack animals. in the excitement other dogs will attack!

    2. Yeah, that sounds reasonable. I was going to go with, he leaned down to hug the rottie, the dog did not like that and could not escape because he was being held – if a dog can’t flee, it will attempt to fight until it can flee (fight or flight reflex.) Some dogs, particularly those defending their stuff or what they consider their territory, may not try to flee at all.

      Dobbie seemed to just get egged on by the other one. It was clearly excited by all of this, and then it seemed to check with the other one for reassurance and then got into it. I’ll agree with other comments that the dobbie didn’t seem to be aggressive so much as maybe thinking it was playtime, and because the rottie was being so aggressive that similar behavior was okay. If the rottie was seen as the leader of the pack by the other dogs, and the rottie was showing dominance in response to being challenged, the followers playing along seems reasonable.

      Either way, the human was at fault here, not the dogs. The dogs will need more training to ensure this is understood as not being acceptable behavior, but the humans need training more than the dogs do 😛

    3. Thee Alpha Beast u r very right my friend and that too these r dogs that fight for dominance for position of territory

    1. Poseidon99Jeus Hahaha “That gardener want to be like *Snoop Dogg* or *50¢ rapper”.* …You just made my day 😂😂😂

    1. Really?It could be different version.what ever rotti is rotti,This man thought he knew something about dog behaviour.But he screwed it up.

    2. Sean S No you didn’t. I’m living in the city that the video came from. This man was the owner for sure. And he tried to calmed down the dogs that had bitten another woman before, on the street, by led them into that path. Then he got attacked.

  5. Morons like Zak George still be like “…umm dominance doesn’t exist” rofl!! This is a typical pack attack in the wild. Mother nature at work! This is pure dominant behaviour, there is no fear involved here.

    The guy was already nurturing excitement when he started petting the dog in the beginning & no surprise that same rottie went after him a few secs later. You don’t nurture a dominant excited state of mind period. It is a recipe for disaster! When the first rottie started jumping & lunging on the guy he kept moving back & giving away his space signalling weakness to the dogs & they immediately go in after him. Mind you the other dogs are just imitating the rottie. Typical pack behaviour at work- a pack attack!

    Now the guy is on the ground & the dogs are getting a kick outta pulling, tugging & ripping on his shirts/pants. Self reinforcing. They sense the weakness from him that’s why they will not let go. Nature attacks weakness! Later in the vid, the rottie still keeps coming for him. That’s because the dogs, especially the rottie now perceive him as nothing more than a prey or toy to amuse themselves with. Man with a stick comes but rotties still stand their ground & try to scare him off but thankfully in the end they fail.

    1. Thank you for your response, this is great info.
      I rescued a Bull Terrier who had turned on his owners, the rescue used Positive Only and he went on to bite 3 adopted owners and was returned. He has never tried to bite me. He is a dominant male, unsocialised and nervous in new situations, which also triggers his biting; so I manage both his nervousness and his dominance in new situations. The Balanced Trainer I got for him also told me about hyping him up is risky, and he needs to learn how to play respectfully with people and dogs. He told me to play and then calm down so he learns to relax; relaxation has been a great tool for him. Ive had him for 4 years and so happy I have him, despite his challenges.
      I now have quite a love for aggressive dogs who are badly trained and ready to be killed. Euthanasia is a term used to prevent suffering, we dont euthanise aggressive dogs, we kill them because too few people know how to handle them effectively and appropriately.

  6. It looks like to me that the rott was agitated by the guy he set himself and got the whole pack pissed off once they started it was like a frenzy they did not even understand the guy is an idiot to start with

    1. TQ
      You go and take precious dogs who is better then human kind
      And breed them with your kids
      You fucking idiot

    1. Dogs are certainly NOT evil! You cannot blame dogs for the stupidity of humans! Being ignorant and choosing to stay ignorent are very different things. Everybody is obligated to learn the basic knowledge about the species that we live amongst. Evidently around dogs you should know what to do but most importantly what NOT to do! Then you will see they are no different than children.

    1. The rottweiler was a stray. The two dobermans are his dogs. But he only just adopted them a few months ago and was taking them on a walk. There are people in every country who eat dogs, not exclusive to Asia.

    2. Koreans ate dogs back in the day, but they don’t do it anymore. Filipino’s are the dog and cat eaters of the day

  7. you people sure talk a lot…”you would do that…this “pack” was going very easy on that man…this guy would have died if he didn’t have help come thru..when you have 4 big powerful breed dogs on you..I dont care how strong you think you are…you cant defeat them.

    1. Someone with some actual sense. That one Rottie alone would have done the job. Once a dog’s teeth are latched into your flesh and those powerful jaws are clamping down, thrashing your arm and breaking your bones and ripping out muscle fibers in a couple of head tosses, there’s no way you’re fighting back.

    2. How would your finger’s reach its eyeballs before the dog ends up with its jaws around your hand/arm? Did you know that a dog can move it’s head and mouth 7 times faster than the average human can move their hands?

    3. Simple fact is, you never own a dog..especially Rottie..handling dog like Rottie..either you the alpha or just forget end up like this sod.

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