Do this ONE THING to ELIMINATE 90% of Behavior Problems

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Educate your pet dog to "Leave it":

Very first video clip with Beaux:

Beaux is BACK!

As a dog trainer, individuals constantly ask just what the best way to remove damaging or other unwanted actions. While most people understand that controlling our pet's environment is essential, very few people realize that THIS SET LITTLE POINT is the very best thing you could do to discourage your dog from being damaging and your pet dog will certainly be better too!

Just what do drawing on a chain, getting on people, barking for "no factor", and damaging home all have in common? The SAME option!

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77 Comments on “Do this ONE THING to ELIMINATE 90% of Behavior Problems”

  1. He wasn’t nervous I understand everything he is doing, he was hesitant cause he was being slow and calm to have the dog think and process what was going on. Good job Zak

  2. I used to watch a lot of Caesar Milan and worked with my dog using those techniques. Unfortunately, I feel it has really ruined my relationship with my dog and now, she is obedient, but otherwise we just tolerate one another. I’d love to know if there is a way to re-bond and have more of a friendship, or has her trust been ruined and there isn’t anything I can do. ๐Ÿ™

    1. +lykozย ^^^ Yesss ๐Ÿ™‚ Kinda feel sad at all the hate Cesar’s getting when people just don’t understand that what he’s doing most likely /isn’t/ for their dog. He deals with very severe cases – not saying he’s perfect, but perhaps over-hated. He does have some info on everyday pets which is quite useful and mild and doesn’t mention all the ‘terrible’ things people usually associate with him, but these of course are less entertaining to read/watch.

    2. The thing is that with Cesar’s TV show, the dogs are usually extreme cases, and the producers focus on the “violent” aspect of them. Cesar is as good as Zak, it’s just that they use different techniques. They both work, but the ones on TV aren’t for you to use. It even says so before the show!

    3. Nire Strunk spend some quality playtime with your dog, tug of war fetch, run with them a bit, really just try to get excited. Focus less on obedience

    4. You do know Cesar has written books, right? have you read them? or have you checked out his website? He offers SOOOO MUCH help. Do you you just watch the show and feel thats all there is to dog training? not to mention the TV says “do not try these techniques yourself without first consulting a professional”. People take Cesar millan and twist his image into something that its not,.

    5. I use Cesars way and my dog and I are friggin best friends, we hike, we cuddle, we snuggle, he cant leave my sight and wants to knw what im up to at all times. Cesars way is just as awesome as any other training method, just make sure you READ HIS BOOKS as well as OTHER tips he offers other than just his TV show. Cesar is also about the relationship, even Zak George copied Cesar motto “I dont train dogs, i train people to communicate with their dogs”.

    1. Noelle Jordan @Yeah He’s super nice also coz he trains dogs and and make them eat COW ears ๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜ So specieist

  3. My brother’s friend helped us train our dog some as a puppy (she’s a trainer) and she said you shouldn’t ever say “leave it” with something you’re going to give them and that it’s important if it’s something dangerous. Do you find that to be true? Should I try “wait”? He already knows it. He does the same exact thing as Beux though with the trying to pick up before you and trying to jump and take it out of your hands. We don’t necessarily want him to have perfect fetching as his breed is kind of lazy (Great Pyrenees, Lab mix) so he only fetches like 3 times before getting bored and is just not really his thing (tug more is, used to be keep-away), but I at least want him to know manners. It was reinforced before though by my brothers so he thinks it’s okay (then gets yelled at just the next moment). But he also seems to lose interest when he has to listen to you?

    1. The main thing in the suggestion is that you separate the commands so that the dog doesn’t think it’s in a game when you tell it to not bite the electrical wire.ย 
      It won’t be important what the commands are as long as you use them correctly and the dog understands both.ย 

      I don’t know if that is necessary though.

  4. my dog is insecure and a little nervous. I wish i could build her confidence more…shes never been aggressive but she doesnt usually like strangers petting her but people always want to and i feel bad because she will bark at them and back away. I do take her to the mall and the dog park at least a couple times a week and shes a complete angel most of the time but she usually prefers to be left alone and hates when strangers approach her. Its hard to fix because unless i can get a stranger to help me train her they usually seem to make the situation worse by basically insisting they pet her and she gets more and more nervous. People can be so rude and dont treat animals with respect ๐Ÿ™

    1. +Breanna Ramirezย Maybe try to have a friend play ‘stranger’ and practice having them approach with her on a leash, if you can have her sit and watch you that might keep her calmer (and treat/praise while the ‘stranger’ comes closer. You can also keep treats with you and have anyone who wants to pet her approach slowly and offer a treat or two so she starts to associate good things with strangers? Hopefully people will ask you before trying to pet her, so you could try answering with “if she’ll sit nicely” so she has the option to run away if she’s not comfortable, or even just say no. You don’t have to let people pet her if she’s not ready for that yet.

    2. +Breanna Ramirez To me this is also leadership. In my book, you have to “protect” here also from this kind of things. A lot of people (inadvertently) think they have the right to pet any dog they want to pet. But the dog will tell you if they want to. If a dog is shy/insecure, I always let the dog come to me in his/her time. In your case, your dog is backing away so she clearly is not ready for this. You have to respect her and not simply do the treat reward method on everything you want to “fix”. Most of the times patience is an even a bigger reward for your dog, for you AND for the both of you! In my experience I know most shy or mildly insecure dogs will come to you if you have the patience and stay calm. That you can reward (if necessary: calmly). Remember: this is about creating trust! So why not tell the person in question that she is not ready and that if he/she has the patience to (if necessary: calmly) wait so you can see if she eventually comes (closer) to the person. That already is a big step.

      Since you mention you are feeling bad (their could be more emotional feelings in this mix) because she barks and backs away, you are also influencing the situation. So it is not only the dog that needs to be “fixed”, but you also have to pay a closer look at what you are doing and feeling in the situation. And again, in my experience most of the time it is the owner that needs to change his/her behavior.

      Of course, you can always try changing this behavior using the treat reward method, but if in reality you would be the problem than 1) you have masked this issue) and 2) I think it is unfair towards your dog. So if you found you are the problem and you have respect for the animal, you have to claim responsibility for your part.

  5. My dog pees when she’s excited, she’ll jump and pee all over us. How can we stop this? Heeeelpppp

  6. Should the person actually own a dog? Don’t have time? Same with my neighbors who just put a Great Pyrenees out to bark for the neighborhood. Most humans should not own a dog. Forgotten a week after they bring them home. Hello. A dog is a huge commitment. Get a goldfish.

    1. Britney-Lee Dreydel no, fish just need to be fed daily and once in a while their fish tank must be cleaned, you don’t have to walk them daily.

    2. One of the best comments on dog videos out of millions. You sir are correct, most people shouldn’t own dogs – people think it is a right to own one like a car. If you don’t have time to exercise your dog, you shouldn’t have one – as simple as that!

    3. a goldfish yes easy because they are hard to kill, but if you really get into fish, especially saltwater tanks….it’s a huge money and time commitment.

    4. These owners were saying that they didnโ€™t have time before work, which is probably in the mornings when them and the dogs first wake up. Their dogs will chew up during the day before they can get the exercise they need.

  7. My dog always comes into my room, climbs into my bed in the dead of the night, and always humps me for 40 minutes…


    1. as far as i know humping you means that you are your dog’s friend, i know people don’t like the dominance theory but i believe that’s the problem. more discipline is needed. just my opinion

  8. It’s not worth commenting on these posts and expecting an answer. This is Zak George’s job and he’s already offering these videos as a favor. Consider sponsoring him on Patreon so you can get answers to your questions and he can be fairly paid for his services!

    1. yes!! exactly. also so many of these questions people ask have already specifically been addressed in his other videos! look through his uploads and playlists everyone, half the time there’s already a solution to your problem

  9. I love your videos but you’re going overboard work your ads at the beginning of your videos

    1. He can just find a way to advertise differently without interfering with his audience experience. Why cant he put his sponsor iin the description or put it at the end? or how about just a link on the top left corner?

    1. Yeah I really need to know stuff about this, because in a few months I will own an eight week old pug puppy. My family and I are moving, and its a 28 hour car ride to the house we will live in. I’ll need to bring the puppy in the car ride, and I thought it could just sleep and play with toys the whole time, along with potty breaks.

    2. +Slickety Slock What? Why not move and then get a dog? Or is the dog just so perfect you don’t want to pass it up? ;p

    3. Yeah, haha. This dog breeder is REALLY good, and the circumstances are great except for the car ride), and I don’t think we could sort that all out while I’m in school, because it would probably take a while to find a good pug puppy again ๐Ÿ˜›

  10. Please help: we got my German shepherd at the pound and we don’t know what to do. My dad wants to get rid of him. He is a good dog and I love him but his only problem is that he has jumped on mom and dad and knocked them down they are both getting older so I don’t want anything to happen toy parents. We have tried the turning your back toward dog but he just jumps on that side too.
    What should we do?

    1. I would try completely ignoring your dog whenever he jumps. No touch, no talk, no eye contact, as Ceasar Millan says. He will get bored of jumping when he realizes nobody will play with him. When he stops jumping, reward him with petting letting him know thats what you want. Hope this helps ๐Ÿ™‚

    2. Anticipate when you dog is about to jump, then put him in a sit. Give him good rewards when he stops jumping or is getting there. Keep on doing this until he understands that jumping will get him no where

    3. the answer is simple…. ASK for HELP from a PRO TRAINER. You have shown you do not know what to do, so get help. You hire a plumber to fix leaky pipes !

    4. Yes, but just because you don’t know what to do, that doesn’t mean you can’t learn. For a lot of us, a pro trainer is too expensive or simply not available in our area. That’s why we watch these videos. @Jennifer Parrish, Zak has done a video on unwanted jumping. Scroll through his video library. You can do this!

  11. I love that you don’t emphasize the “wolfiness” of dogs. They don’t have a whole lot of psychology in common with their cousins!

    1. FBE…. dogs are not ‘cousins’ to wolves. They are 2 different species, just like an Australian Dingo is a separate species from the dogs we know (Canis Familiaris). Dogs were developed over tens of thousands of years ago from wolves. That was back before people used fire… see ? Dogs are no more wolf than they are fox.

    2. Actually in regards to species YES, they are cousins, or even more correct they are akin to siblings. Wolves are a sister taxa to Canis familiaris,

    3. Dogs DO have a lot of similarities to wolves. Remember dogs were bred from a particular variation of wolf temperament and we humans accentuated those specific traits. Not to mention genetically a lot of those traits we selected for a genetically linked on the chromosome to OTHER traits they posessed therefore dogs share a lot of overlap with their wolf sister taxa.

  12. We’re slowly training out pit mix Bo. These videos are a great help in doing that on top of what I already knew from being taught how to work with my first guide dog. If I can manage to get the money together for it I’d really like to find a dog trainer in my area with similar techniques to the ones in these videos to help make sure I’m doing things correctly and hopefully give some suggestions on how to improve on what we’re doing now. Until then these videos are a great tool!

    1. Toraino Floyd I hate to be that guy, but if mouthiness is a problem for you people why didn’t you do the research beforehand to find a breed that isn’t mouthy? There are plenty.

    2. sweliam1 this isn’t just any stray off the street. The puppy I have now is from my recent dog that past away. I’m a animal person, have been all my life. It’s not a problem for me. I know she is teething.

    3. Yes!! People need to know that there is not a chance in HELL to get a perfect dog much less a puppy. We set then up for failure even though we have such big brains!! And off they go to a shelter because ‘they are a bad dog’ when really the people are very bad dog owners and should never have another dog. Period. We need EDUCATION before we get a puppy or rescue a deserving dog. Breeds…fooey on that…ALL PUPPIES learn via their mouths. It is temporary and if one knows the bare bare basics it IS NOT A PROBLEM. Like give them a substitute toy to chew and my favorite is to massage their tongue, gums, teeth, upper pallet, lips…they seem to cool the biting. It isn’t biting it is discovering, as important to them as eyesight is to us. People actually believe they might get the PERFECT dog. All trained, totally sensitive to their human’s needs…what a load of crap. Poor dogs get taken to the shelter where they are put down. Make no mistake, that poor confused dog/puppy has no idea why it is in jail on death row. We all know it is because of laziness and non commitment of the human with oh so big a brain and such a tiny teeny heart. It breaks my heart. Humans need to be put in kennels…for being so ignorant, on purpose ignorant, for using sweet innocent animals to use for their own anger problems, for not RESEARCHING how to care, train, feed and house a domestic animal dog or cat. So scary to learn how few humans are actually educated enough to be good ‘parents’.

    4. Lianakayarr…this is a rite of passage for you the human. Puppy biting is just NO BIG DEAL. Drawing a little blood out of you is normal and not on purpose!! This is part of their very normal, very important way to learn about this world about you. It is NO BIG DEAL. I am worried that if you think THIS is big deal what you will think of other actions they will have that will be far worse if you aren’t fully committed to your puppy. Commitment means time, money and you learning a whole new world. Or you will be dragging your dog to the closest shelter saying ‘it just isn’t working out’….a death sentence. I take my puppies and when they get going I use the time to massage their teeth, gums tongue so I’ll be able to easily brush their teeth later (don’t get me started on dental costs for dogs). Your puppy needs YOU to get educated about them and how to train and how to communicate. Otherwise, if you fail, your puppy will probably get killed. It is so truly worth the effort. Anything that requires us to work, learn and care enough to step outside our once oh so comfy world IS WORTH EVERY SECOND. It is up to YOU to learn to communicate. There are no perfect puppies. All puppies teeth/mouth. All puppies need to be shown how to let us know when they need to go potty, all puppies need to learn how to operate on a leash, all puppies need to learn how to listen to their owner and that only happens if they trust you. No yelling, cussing, no hitting, no jerking, no isolation no pain…otherwise, you are failing and you will probably give up sooner than later which is a death sentence for your dog. Hang in there, get lessons, Zak’s stuff is great!! He makes sense. You HAVE to spend time with your puppy. I am unbelieving anyone could work and keep their puppy inside, in a crate or in a room and expect them NOT to poop and pee and shred anything and everything they are able. Puppy daycare at the very least…

  13. My 12 month old german shepherd barks at the TV all the time. It could be any animal on the TV, cartoons, adverts he does not like etc.He does it Practically all the time its getting to the point were we cannot watch the TV anymore. Also he butts the telly when he barks and has damaged the pixels. Love him to bits, he is a really Lovely dog would really love your advice please.

    1. What I would do is tell him to sit
      then give him a treat, and then to lay down = treat
      and keep on doing that . And if he does not stop the say no , if he has a kennel then tell him the kennel.
      And if you dont have a kennel get a kennel and kennel train him.
      Hope that was helpful.

    1. Frisbee! I have a Border Collie, super active, this year I’ve started a new scheduled with him. I take him for a 30-45 Min walk as soon as I get up, also some mental training along the way and then a quick trip to town, when we get home he is asleep for half the day. Then later in the day we go to the dog park for 45 Mins-1 Hour, For social training, if the park is empty we play frisbee. Once again, when we get home he is gone. Asleep within mins. No more running around like a hyper child.

    2. Herding breeds tend to have very strong Instincts! And are very intelligent. People don’t Investigate breeds Beforehand and end up with a dog that doesn’t suit their lifestyle! End result-lots of purebreds in shelters or unhappy dogs and owners. There is probably a Large percentage of people who shouldn’t even have a dog, because they don’t consider the basics. Can you make up to a possible 17 year commitment? Have you chosen the right breed for you (and your family)? Have you the Time to Properly Train a puppy Early to avoid most problems and see it as a Priority? Are you able to mentally/emotionally stimulate your dog if necessary beyond physical activity? Are you able to be home more than not, or take your dog with you, Especially when young? Or are you at work all the time? Is Anyone home to raise a puppy?? Are you thinking about the cost commitment? I know of a Responsible Sheltie breeder who will not sell to someone who doesn’t have designs to Do Something with their Sheltie…. Obedience, Agility, Rallys, Herding….. Something that will ensure the dog has a best chance at being a happy fulfilled Herding breed and asset to the family. The Big Question I have is the question asked…. Why would Anyone get A Herding dog, and ask how do I stop it from Herding?!? Really?

  14. I want zak to control my Pit bull’s aggression i have asked many trainers but his aggression townards other dogs is not stopping but he is very loyal and friendly to me

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