Cherry Eye Treatment – Home Remedy For Dogs (k9-1)

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Cherry eye therapy in dogs could be done by surgical treatment or home remedy. This is my experience and video treating cherry eye myself on my puppy. You could find more info on my article below:

28 Comments on “Cherry Eye Treatment – Home Remedy For Dogs (k9-1)”

  1. thanks for the post. it worked awesome she has had cherry eye for a long time now and one of my friends told me about the video. I do have to repeat but not often.. THANKS

  2. I have a shitzu who is 3 months old and he has cherry eye. Took him to the vet and they confirmed it was cherry eye and the only solution was surgery. I posted that on fb and the breeder where we got our pup said it could be massaged out. I you tubed it and found your video. I massaged it and it went in once I figured the technique. Next morning it was out again so I attempted it again with success. We’re on day 3 and still good. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I have a Shih Tzu/Maltese mix with Cherry Eye. It started last week. I brought him to the vet because I had no clue what it was. The Vet gave me this exact method you just did but I had no success even with the ointment. I copied the exact movement you did with your dog and BAM! Success! Thank you for making this video. It saved me for paying for uneeded surgery!

    1. My pup is a Malshi also and she has problems with cherry eye.  I had also success with his technique.

  4. I have a boston terrier puppy and 20 days ago he suffered with cherry eye and he was submitted surgery, but the cherry came back.
    This massage will works in a sutured eye?
    Thank you!

  5. Thank you so much for posting!! It worked! You’ve saved us from an expensive vet bill. We should send you that $10 you asked for! Well deserved. 🙂 Now my son isn’t afraid to look at the dog anymore.

  6. The vet had me pay $150.00 just in medication to treat this, and then said it still might be permanent in my 9mo old pup. Then immediately she jumped to suggesting expensive surgery without any other option. I tried this maneuver one day after she said all that and it was fixed immediately. That vet really let me down, all they cared about was the money and not the wellbeing of my pup.

    1. vet is gold digger. they are the worst. u have to shop around there is good vet out there. but unfortunately they are all money hanger ppl work there. don’t listen to them everything what they said. u have to say no to them.

  7. What anti inflamatory, lubricating drops do you guys recommend for me to try this procedure at home? His eye is inflamated and want to bring the inflamation down before I try this… The vet charges almost $30 for the drops, I don’t want to pay so much and want to try and correct the problem myself..

  8. Almost 6 years later… and this video saved me (well…my 8 mos. old great dane puppy). Thank you so so so much. I waited until he was asleep (because it happened at night) and then I did this. I actually felt the cartilage (or whatever it is) flip over on the third gentle push. So grateful…

  9. My husband that it was carnosidad I don’t know how you say that in English. Anyway, he put a little salt in it. I will try to massage his eye without my husband looking. I will let you know how it went.

    1. Hannah Torres
      How did it go? My bulldog has that some of that carnocidad you were talking about and i just washed her eye with salt water. Did this method work?

    1. Remember these words, if it can come out it can go back, the harder to get back the more chance of not returning. Usually caused by rubbing their eye on carpet to hard. (allergies/poor diet causing them)

    1. Matthew Greven it worked for me just now! I am so happy and shocked honestly. I just kissed my baby so much. I felt so bad for her

  10. I did work for us too! Thanks for the vid.
    We had to try a half dozen of times. I guess did not get the technique right at the beginning but eventually it popped back.

  11. I can’t thank you enough! I was getting super worried about my dog, and this really worked for sure. I will still check on my dog if I see anything bad, but my family right now does not have the money to afford a surgery which would be expensive, so thank you so much for doing this video!

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