Can you train a Wolf? (

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61 Comments on “Can you train a Wolf? (”

  1. thats a wolf mixed thats not a full blooded wolf you can train a full blooded wolf but thats ant a full blooded

    1. Yeah it will i seen people with traind full blood wolfs ik the full derfferince between a dog that look like a wolf n a wolf

  2. Impressive….. But this video is a bit careless. to watchers of the video please note!!!:… MOST WOLVES or WOLVES MIXES are not good pets! and Are highly difficult to train, if not close to impossible. 

    The fact that these guys managed to train a wolf is a testament to their systems for training dogs (hell even tigers and lions can be trained)… However don’t think you can purchase a wolf mix and have an obedient dog. This is not the case almost ALL of the time. Wolves are best left in the wild.

    Very disappointed in what seems a very good training centre doing so little in terms of educating public about domesticated wolves…. Very misinformative

    1. Yes…I agree with that last bit. Wolves were certainly the best animal to choose for domestication. And that’s why they call dogs “man’s best friend”. But its still impossible to have a good pet wolf. They can’t live in your house. They can be in it some of the time, but they can’t live there. They need huge outdoor enclosures. They can’t usually be trusted around strangers. It is a very rare wolf that can be walked like a dog or brought out in public at all. They also can’t be trained to follow commands at all times. If a wolf sees prey it will kill it. If they don’t trust someone, they will run or attack. They will always try to escape whatever sort of home you provide them. You will fight a constant battle to maintain your role as the alpha, and they will always remain somewhat unpredictable. I don’t care how well or long you have socialized or trained them, and I don’t care if you’ve raised them since the day they were born, these facts will always remain true. Wolves have the intelligence to learn anything a dog can, but they don’t have the temperament to apply those skills. A wolf is a wild animal, and will always behave like one. These things have been proven time and again, and anyone who has ever actually owned a REAL, PURE BLOOD wolf will tell you so, unless their trying to sell you something.

    2. It all depends on the individual animal. If the animal is high content (meaning it behaves more like a wolf) its less likely to listen but if its a low content its going to be easier. My best friend owns one and he trained it with ease. Yes they are shitty pets but sometimes people dont intentionally get these animals just because they get them from shelters that dont know.

  3. Very cool! A wolf would be a very cool pet, but they are truly best left in the wild. There is a reason dogs are man’s best friend, not wolves.

  4. Looks more like a German Shepherd, or a German shepherd hybrid.  But then I saw how long the legs are compared to that shepherd being walked.

    1. I’m convinced that’s a real wolf. It has the right features you’d see in a wolf, especially the size.

    2. I saw a wolf hybrid up close for the first time last year and I was surprised at how leggy and tall it was. But it was still 120 pounds, but didn’t look very beefy. Just large I guess.

  5. god I want one now , I love the way they walk and the lenght of their legs.. But I’m sure I’ll never be able to train one..
    What dog’s bread is the closest to the wolf that I could train easily ?

    1. a husky but they are somewhat stubborn if you want to get a easier to train dog I would go for a german shepherd solid black or white maybe? the husky dog is smart but they are smart to know that maybe I don’t want to do this command other dogs go with the flow

    2. Well, full blooded wolfs are easier to train than hybrids. If you don’t want a wolf, “risk of it turning on you which has happened before” than get a husky, they have general wolf characteristics. And less change of them mauling you

    1. It is cool walking down the street with our Jace. However, if anyone would try to pet him, well, he is not a dog,
      so we don’t take the chance. Never know how he will respond to strangers. Don’t know why, but some people he likes and many peo[ple he does not ???

  6. I like this, but I feel like this Training is stealing a part of that wolf´s freedom. This might Sound a bit weird, but I think, maybe there are Things in Nature, that we should learn from by Observation instead of interfeerence

    1. I don´t fully agree. Humans intentionally took certain wolves/ Dogs together, with certain traits, that they wanted. The childreen of them kept those traits and so on. It was completely intentional

    2. That only happened after the first generation or two of contact, I felt like I implied that, guess I didn’t.

      In any case, it wasn’t like we were going to domesticate every single wolf. Wouldn’t it be sad if there simply weren’t wolves?

    3. It would be totally sad, but sometimes you Need to watch the Needs of individuals as well and not only concentrate on the survival of the species. This of Course is nothing, to what is done to wolves in certain Areas of the world. I just wanted to say, that even if we are the top of the Food chain, we don´t have the Need nor the right, to Change everything into the way we want it. The world had a healthy and stabil eco System, before humans started to destroy it. Maybe sometimes, it is best to accept Things the way they are, instead of changing them into the way we want them to be. Plus, Dogs are much less intelligent then wolves, so it didn´t only do them good

    4. We are wolves, the world is our territory, yadah yadah. We have the ability to think about what we do, though, and pick up cues to second guess ourselves that a wolf would never consider. It would be nicer if less people decided they could do absolutely whatever to their environment because they felt like they owned the place.

    5. I absolutely agree. If you really think of how much we destroy in our efforts to build a better world…. It was better before. Now it actually might end because of us

    1. Um dumbass you realize wolves are not vicious but communal and social animals like dogs? Meaning they strive to please those they accept as apart of their pack which can include humans

    2. +Vanz Scanz until a new alpha moves in then they dont have the communal behavior toward the old alpha. Gotta watch their behavior closely is all.

  7. imagine owning one and someone trying to break in😂 “what the hell a wolf doing in their house?”😂

    1. Ya your right. Many “” wolf “” in nature are wolf dog. Real wolf dont act like that. You need DNA test to proof it but many are wolf dog.

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