Budget Indoor Pet House by Merax – Review

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Review and Assembly of the Merax Indoor/Outdoor Wood Pet House shipped to our house from.

**Merax Wood Dog/Cat House:

For the price, you really can't beat it! It is easy to assemble, strong (if built correctly), has a great cedar smell to it, and is small enough for use in the house under a window.

Overall, really happy I found this for our dog, Martini, as she has really been enjoying the view out of the office window πŸ™‚


**Merax Wood Pet Houses & Hutch's:

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–SPECIFICATIONS of the MERAX Wood Dog House:

Size Details
Overall Size: 29"L X 21"D X 26"H
Door size:10.2"W X 11"H
Side Ladder: 21"L X 10.6"W
Balcony: 5.9"H


-VIDEO of Martini's Birthday Dinner 2016 – Stuffed Pepper's:

-VIDEO of Tini showing off her tricks!:

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20 Comments on “Budget Indoor Pet House by Merax – Review”

  1. Looks like the two thumbs down are from folks who wanted to see guns installed into your dog’s house lol

    1. +Uniform Tango 74 lol, I was tempted! i figure there is always going to be a couple who don’t agree with the content… and to be honest, it doesn’t bother me much πŸ™‚ If I just put out gun vids, I would probably get bored of it… keeping my channel open to anything is the only way to keep me interested and the content fresh… Plus, I don’t buy guns as frequently as I used too πŸ™‚

    1. +pr4runner lol, a bit dusty right? we had to move a bunch of furniture around to get this dog house in place… that along with the angle the sun was coming through the window, it didn’t do me or the video much justice πŸ™‚

    1. +Ian β€œAR-15” Wolfe hope they like it! pretty sweet little dog house… I couldn’t pass it up for the price πŸ™‚ Figured if anything, I would put it in the backyard on the deck or grass. thanks for watching!

  2. Happy pooch!Β  It would be easy to p/u some cedar pcs and screw some risers to the bottom to raise it up toward the window.Β  q;>})

  3. this is unbelievably helpful! I’m looking to get this for my house rabbit…I just really feel he could use a nice place to get some privacy, him being a prey animal and all. I’m currently bidding on one from China on eBay, trying to get it under 35 bucks…if not walmarts website has em for 45 free shipping. I don’t trust this seller too much…but China has never screwed me over too much on eBay. I do trust eBay and PayPal enough that if I end up never getting my item, they’ll have my back. Lol. Its super helpful to see a video on it so I can get an idea of the size. I have a feeling my rabbit wouldn’t use the ladder coming down the balcony…but its low enough to where he could probably jump down safely…if he even uses the balcony anyways. Assumimg all I need to assemble is a screwdriver…I’m sure I could put it together without too much frustration LOL.

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