“Bucca” German Shepherd with strong genetics for bite work! www.K9-1.com

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We just recently were providing the possibility to utilize Bucca as a stud for our most recent German Guard clutter with our very solid and stable women Nora. This is a trial of the canine's BITE and not his training. All pups will certainly be placed with either seasoned functioning trainers or with training and handler lessons at our facility. Dog training, individual protection dog sales, and training courses for the dog training student offered at our facility. Get in touch with us at

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  1. Could anyone in the protection dog training field give me some advice?
    I work as a dog trainer, but in AKC obedience trials. I have no experience with any work of this kind!
    Would a German Shepherd from a breeder excell at this with proper training, or does the genetics of the dog really count for the most part? For example, would a Malinois from a breeder sold for conformation or pet quality do well at protection?
    Thank you to anyone who can lend me some advice!

  2. Coley4evr I’d definitely advise if you want to do bitework, do some research, visit some trainers/clubs/etc, & figure out *what kind* you want to do, as the dogs will vary quite a lot from one sport to the next, vs Personal Protection, vs Police K9s.We train ALL of these, & while some dogs are good at multiple things, not all are.I would NOT get a dog that isn’t bred specifically for what you’re interested in -getting a show-bred dog to do work is akin to buying an English Bulldog to hunt. HTH

  3. Thanks for the response! I’ve done my research, a trainer I work with in the obedience field actually has a facility and he does protection training and well as schutzhund =] I was just wondering if the possibility of getting a “pet” quality shepherd could do some protection work. I’ve had one person try to break into my home and I also saw someone try to steal money form someone! And I live in a very nice area of So Cal. Would have loved one of these dogs in those situations =/

  4. “Traditional” breeds being bred more for sport/prey drive & being bred away from civil is 1 of the things that drove me to the Boerboel mastiff for PP.. they are not as of yet completely ruined for proper civil aggression. They haven’t yet been “bred down” in the US, Europe, etc. Decent ones are excellent for home protection.. unfortunately MANY of them are pretty poor-nerved, as lots of folks don’t seem to know how to tell good/useful/stable aggression from that stemming from fear/instability.

  5. depends on combination of individual dog and training.Some want a dog that will bite without cue,which would be considered more of a GUARD dog(person breaking in a house).Other people want a dog that will bite only on cue and more social.This is a PERSONAL protection dog. There are dogs that fall in the middle.Either dog should be controlled,within reason,by commands no matter what the dogs’ default actions are.That’s why important to have the right dog for the situation even before training.

  6. There are always exceptions to the rule. But, just like any other job a dog does, you will have the best results from a breeder that specializes in searching for the correct traits to pass on for specific purpose. A show breeder may ignore the genetics of a good working dog in favor of the “better looking” dog. There is usually a huge difference in working potential between show and working dogs. But, like I said, exceptions to the rule exist.

  7. I fail to see this as a “genetics” based dog. Why do pitbulls get such a bad reputation? For the most part, it’s because people think it’s all genetics and bad owners “Bad early training..” It’s all about how a dog is raised. How was this dog raised from 4-18 weeks? Specifically. I highly doubt it’s similar to any methods for building a typical household shepherd. However, I certainly agree genetics does have it’s part. I would think this would be strictly for optimization purposes though.

  8. I wish genetics were not important, because we wouldn’t have to spend thousands of dollars importing dogs from different countries to find the right ones. But, the truth is without the right genetics no matter how you raise a dog you cant train them to do this or the things that pitbulls make the news for. For instance, I can’t raise the average labrador to be a guard dog or dog fighter. I also cant use a show bred american gsd for police training. Bad nerves, lack of confidence…genetics..

  9. Very nice dog.. I have a GSD too, and he amazed me on his 1st bite test. its a shame I didn’t record it(( if I did, u’d be really amazed 😉

  10. looool sick martial dog arts skills
    but very obviously this degree of strong genetics can be a curse if this dog would not get proper promotion. i hope he gets challenged!

  11. The color of the German Shepherd’s coat has no more significance than the color of the collar he is wearing when it comes to work. Good ones comes in all the accepted colors and so do very very unusable ones. As a rule any dog that is bred for WORK is more likely to work well and dogs that are bred for LOOK will be nice to look at…

  12. And this isn’t even a great dog… I sometimes really don’t understand you’re way of training. This type of training you do is to mucht “high drive”…

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    1. +jack Ashley I taught my 1yo boston terrier blue boy to stop peeing on the patio in
      just 2 days. Fast and easy. it just took using the Dog discipline magic
      system i found with google.

  13. I love how you put that the helper chose not to get a deeper bite without more padding. Yup, that dog would have totally shredded through that suit.

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