Bite Work with Young German Shepherd (

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This is bite work with a 10 month old German Guard "Elvis". We are anticipating good ideas from this canine. Exactly what you see is generally a video game to the dog. We begin much more practical personal defense training when the pet dog is about 18 months old. Discover even more regarding is at

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  1. how can i get my dog to become stronger when he attacks , he will attack and protect

    just the other day i got attacked by a bulldog and my dog charged him , he charged him with alot of force but the bite was weak , it was more of a slam instead of a full on attack he got bit and lost a chuk of his fur, but i did see him trying to bite hard he just couldn’t i guess o.o

    and btw his teeth are o.k 🙂

  2. Great vids, I love you guys, you guys got good stuff but try to ease down on the slow-mos, the noise they make are kinda annoying even though they show great display of the bite, again great video.

  3. you guys are awesome!!! training wise are the best! seriously i was watching many videos with protection training, many dogs go to the sleeve and its so wrong cause they can be killed anytime if serious situation comes across,. HERE WITH YOUR TRAINING YOU DO TEACH HOW TO DEFENSE YOURSELF FROM THE BAD GUY AND DISABLE HIM FROM WEAPON YOU GUYS ARE GREAT!!! this is how it should be:) you teach them how to react fast!!

  4. Hi, I messaged you a bit back wondering a few things, but I will ask here too. Do you guys have a single base that you train in? Or multiple bases? Do you train people’s dogs, train dogs for people, or help people train their dogs for this? I will be getting a PP dog in the future and I really want to train my dog in the way you guys train PP dogs, hope to hear from you guys soon! Great work by the way!

  5. @keialohasample He is being trained for personal protection, therefore we are making the hits just uncomfortable enough so he learns how to stop it. If we hit too soft he will be mislead into thinking a weapon poses no threat. One or two strikes with a knife or hammer may be one too many in a live situation. Unfortunately, many working dogs are injured or killed because they are not taught to fight defensively as well as offensively. Elvis loves the fight you see. He still considers it a game.

  6. Ok thank you. But that was some amazing work. GOOD JOB. I have one question, can any dog (being a good size) be trained in defense

  7. @keialohasample No, the dog needs to have the right temperament. Personal protection training is at least 75% having the right dog to start and then adding the training.

  8. I wish you guys were closer to me. I have had a hard time finding someone I trust to do defense work with my Central Asian Shepherds. I can only find Schutzhund trainers.

  9. This may sound like a peculiar question, but are PPD’s ever able to live ‘normal’ lives? Could you take your PPD for a walk, off the lead, and trust him to not attack strangers? And how are they usually with other dogs? Do they tend to be dog aggressive?

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