Ameristep Doghouse Blind Review

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So far this year I really like this blind. Here's a tour of it, and a tour of my apple tree plot.

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Gear used by me (not necessarily in this video, but in general):

Excalibur Axiom, upgraded with a Dyna Flemish string and Vari-Zone scope from Excalibur–recurves are simply perfect!
Firebolt arrows with Burt Coyote Lumenocks
X-Act Broadheads (also from Excalibur)
Scent A-way products by Hunter's Specialties

Canon T5i (or 700D for you foreigners) DSLR camera
GoPro Hero 2, Hero 3 Black

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27 Comments on “Ameristep Doghouse Blind Review”

  1. You better see deer at this site if you don’t see deer at this place with the apple tree then you are doing some thing seriously wrong. I am a blindhunting/treestand guy too the one that’s square and and up shown is the one I like i wouldn’t take it down unless it has problems.

    1. +1digitalwatcher I agree about this site, should be good (but watch, now it’ll bomb lol). But seriously, I did end up taking the square one down and putting this Americstep there, BUT that square on is over my turnip plot now–pretty neat setup and a better fit for that location because I can shoot out the corners. With the apple tree, the deer will only be right in front of me (hopefully). With the turnips, they could be left or right so I’m thinking it’ll work well. We’ll see!

    1. +Calvin’s Corner72 Yeah, good thing he didn’t see our videos on this first or he wouldn’t have sold it so cheap haha!

  2. Great job on the ameristep blind. Three things that were helpful to me was practicing how to refold the blind and spraying the outside with a good quality water repellent, and finally airing out the blind at home before I took it into the woods. Oh I forgot. also trying to find something comfortable and low enough to sit and shoot from. Thanks for all you do. Got to love bunjie…

    1. That is a great idea on the water repellant! I agree, too–sitting too high up hurts your back. Sitting low means sitting all day is okay for me!

    1. +Kevin Kelly I’ve used it for both…the nice window works well. For spring gobbler it’s great because you can set up in a pinch

  3. Great video! I just bought one for me and my son as it’s his first year hunting and the blind will be a better option than a treestand in my opinion. What kind of a seat are you using? He is 11 so i have a tiny camping chair for him but I’m 5′ 11″ so I think even a 5 gallon bucket is too tall for me. We are compound bow hunting deer by the way. Thank you for your time sir. Keep up the great videos!

    1. That’s great to get him involved! Yeah, bucket height makes me have to hunch down to see out. That ends up hurting my back over time. It depends on your weapon of choice and how tall you are, etc., but I like a shorter bench so I can just sit upright. I use a heavy bench that won’t rock or creek. I made several of them, all ranging from 10″ to 12″ tall I think. My daughter could sit next to me but usually it’s just me and the tripod. You can see them in this video: Good luck out there!

  4. To fold the Ameristep Doghouse blind bend it in half like a taco, then collapse it end to end like a figure-8 collapsing on itself into two circles.

  5. Hey Rich quick question, the bench that you built for your blind what are the dimensions of it? I finally got the same blind you have and the chair I have stands to tall so I need to build one. Yours looks like the perfect bench for the Ameristep Doghouse blind. So if you don’t mind could you send me the dimensions

    1. +Danny Starliper I will measure them but if I remember correctly they are like 11 inches high, and that’s the most important thing. A good heavy top is important to because it sits in the dirt and doesn’t Rock

  6. youtube has answers for everything in life, even how to take down various ground blinds. Youtube “doghouse blind takedown”

    1. I often weigh the pro’s and con’s of it. I routinely find things to appreciate, but wish things were simpler a lot of the time. You know, reading newspapers, playing outside, or actually talking to other humans face-to-face seem to be rare occurrences these days. Ah well, not trying to reflect on the meaning of life here….Good video.

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