Aggressive German Shepherd Training- What NOT to do! Dog Training with America’s Canine Educator-

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In This video The U.S.A.'s Dog Teacher, Thomas Davis, Talks about the challenges of overusing adjustment tools while dog training. This young German guard chain reactivity int he form of dog hostility towards various other pets only while on the chain. This is an issue that has the proprietor at wits end! This circumstance is worsened by the proprietors over fixing. This dog hostility is not triggered by dominance or temper. It is brought on by the instability of the proprietor and the over modification that it causes. You will certainly think the distinction in actions when this factor is made clear. Be the most effective dog trainer you can be. watch till completion! As constantly thank you for seeing! If you haven't currently please subscribe to our youtube network for even more excellent free dog training videos, dog training tips and tricks and info on stopping hostile pet habits.

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67 Comments on “Aggressive German Shepherd Training- What NOT to do! Dog Training with America’s Canine Educator-”

  1. I needed this! I just got back from walking my dog and I think I over correct sometimes. I’m going to watch out for this more often, thank you! 🙂

    1. silby4 so happy to hear! That’s why I put this stuff out, if I can help just one dog, it’s worth it to me!

  2. ‘ what is that all about ?’ she shouts in frustration. She needs reminders to stay calm and ‘see it coming’. Her sarcasm and making snarky remarks tells me she is about HER and not about helping the dog. Watch her give ‘heel’ at about 2:50 and how disconnected she is to her dog. I really like this fellow’s explanations. He confronts her as she deliberately turns away as he is explaining her shortcomings… and she is embarrassed… very normal. THIS is learning to train. She has a VERY smart dog that she does not know how to train.

    1. Totally agree, I noticed that too. I’m no expert, but I’d guess most of the time, any problem in a dog’s behavior was created by a human at some point. I bet a lot of professional dog training is more like owner training a lot of the time.

    2. Doug H. in VA She becomes way more open as it progresses and she shows genuine interest in learning. Best not to look down our noses at stressed people, we’ve all been there are some point in life.

    3. Absolutely.. I see this a lot with ppl who ask me to train their dogs.. I tell them that I have to train you first …

    1. Wendell Radford see the whole problem is her not knowing… so the RIGHT thing to do is break everything down for her.

    2. I actually desperately need someone to break down my training flaws, but I live too far away from this facility. I know I can better help my dog go on successful walks without displays of aggression, but I’m severely overwhelmed. If I were that lady, I would be eternally thankful for getting that kind of advice one-on-one.

    3. The whole video was him training. But it wasn’t the dog that needed the training. Great video and good patience on his part with a senile old woman who already knew it all.

  3. that woman wears open toe sandals when training/walking a german shepherd. That is one of the worst ideas in human history….have fun with those permanent holes in your toes when on concrete or gravel when your dog lunges at something.

    1. the sarcasm does not help the dog owner or the viewers. Dog training is one scene where sarcasm is useless…. because a dog cannot understand it and people resent it

  4. Everything you said to lady explained how I treat my dog when going for walks. I live in an area where people have an attitude if your dog doesn’t behave perfect so I get uptight when my dog is near other dogs. I’m going to have a different attitude because of this video THANK YOU

    1. It was like you were talking to me. I have a German Shepard and I was doing the same thing with her. Yanking and correcting her every wrong move. Oh my goodness, When You said, “My owner looses her cool when she sees other dogs so I am going to get rid of them” SPOKE directly to me. She gets all wired when she sees other dogs because I get all nervous thinking oh no there is a dog and my dog is going all Cujo. Thank you.

  5. Awesome video! Great job, I realy enjoy watching someone who does this for Dogs well being and a good relationship with their owner! Genuine. So many does this for Money now adays the Commercials is getting sickening!

    1. hi everyone ,if anyone else wants to uncover training puppy try Skyarza Puppy Lessons Star (do a google search ) ? Ive heard some interesting things about it and my buddy got amazing results with it.

    2. “The Workman IS Worthy of His Hire.” According to God’s Word. But ALSO “It is Better to Give than to Receive.” Again, God’s Word. Caring, and helping without undue concern for personal financial gain is BEAUTIFUL.

  6. You have to worry around other dogs and people because if your dog bites they will sue you and take everything you have . Sounds like he is scolding the woman because the dog is misbehaving . Not sure what he was saying exactly .

    1. Wisdom King – he’s saying the dog is misbehaving because she’s sending out negative energy. He gets nervous because SHES nervous.

      If you’re really THAT nervous having your dog around other dogs
      1. What have you done wrong to cause yourself this stress
      2. You have no trust or faith in your dog, this needs to be worked on first.
      3. If there is some issue, or you really are worried your dog will bite and you’ll get sued, teach it to wear a muzzle, then you’re always ensured. A dog can’t bite with a muzzle on and if a fight breaks out, THE OTHER owner will clearly be the one in the wrong.

  7. If you can’t physically prevent an animal from causing damage then you shouldn’t be allowed to own it. There are always going to be situations when the most thorough training in the world isn’t enough and your body has to make the difference. Woman holding GSD is incapable of controlling the animal physically and so shouldn’t be allowed to live with the dog no matter how much training she has or the dog has.

    1. Wrong. I am 5’5 woman and I’ve walked pits, staffies and rottweilers. These dogs were socialised and obedient to me. If you really think your bodies going to “make the difference” if a dog like a rottie really wanted a chunk out of you then you’re an arrogant fool. Putting the time in to train and socialise your dog will mean your never in a position where you have to rely on getting physical.

    2. 5’5” woman who works in a shelter with large dogs, at least 20 everyday and I walk them/play with them/train them. I have a staffordshire terrier & a 70lb cur at home who are extremely social and well behaved dogs.

    3. Guys… He’s not saying “if you’re small you shouldn’t own a dog”…

      He’s saying “if your dog is out of control and you’re unable to handle and manage them correctly, then to shouldn’t have the dog”…

      Which, is absolutely correct… If you can’t manage your dog, it’s a huge danger to everyone around you. Period.

      I’d LOVE for someone to try and handle one of our working dogs anf see just how dangerous a 70lb Malinois can be. When you realize the insane damage and death that can be caused by even a midsize dog like a Malinois, you’ll suddenly realize why it’s important that the handler/owner be able to control their dog effectively.

    4. John Roughneen Lol. How ignorant.🙄 If training is done right a Great Dane can be controlled by a toddler.

    1. He drug out the video and swore too much, remember they are paying you for your advice not for you to scold them for 13 minuets.

    2. It’s because the lady really didn’t get it, she agreed with what he was saying but then kept making it about the dog, but in the end this wasn’t about the dog it was about the owner

    3. Two kinds of people repeat themselves over and over. Crazy people and those trying to teach morons. She couldn’t face the reality that the source of her dog’s behaviour issues was her. She didn’t want to come to terms that she was at fault, she was the problem. She came to the dog training academy because she thought something was wrong with the dog. She wanted to hear from the trainer that the dog was the problem. That wasn’t the case, so that’s not what he told her. She kept fishing for the answer she wanted, but he wouldn’t give it to her. Why?Because lying to her wouldn’t solve her problem. It would only make it worse. He had to repeat himself in order for her ego to finally deflate itself for the sake of the dog.

  8. This guy is great at explaining the relationship between dog and person. So many times I’ve realized that I’ve projected my own perception and experience onto my dog without really understanding his. It’s made training and his learning experience more enjoyable for both of us!

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