Aggression / Attack on COMMAND Dog Training –

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Aggression and also attack is educated to the dogs only on command or if the proprietor or pet is being struck. Dogs in this class and also handlers are educated to use the hostility for defense just and also must finish sophisticated control job prior to entering the course. Dogs are not educated to be aggressive. They are taught to trust the proprietors to do or otherwise do exactly what they have the ability to do normally. Not all pet dogs could execute this work. Find out more at

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  1. Such an amazing breed. What’s the “bark” word they use? I kept hearing pasta… And now I’m hungry lol!

    I’d love to have my girl strained, she’s a mix, but has shepherd in her!! Great videos guys!

    1. Lol I’m so sorry but when you said my girl I thought it was your girlfriend and I got so confused?

    1. +EarthWolfSkyDragon You need to find a reputable IPO trainer and see about enrolling in classes. This is not something that can be taught at home.

    2. +Brian Law Its not wise since if improperly trained it can turn into uncontrollable aggression instead of manageable aggression/drive. 

    3. +Jonea Swatsworth that is assuming the “home” training is improper, your logic applies to outside the home training as well

    4. +Brian Law In my first post I state “reputable IPO trainer” not one that doesn’t know what they’re doing or trains improperly. Anybody can improperly train a dog and when it comes to something as serious as bite work its best to be highly experienced before you begin training without a mentor/veteran trainer present. 

    1. +Lone2011Wolf – The Paladin Center in Carmel, NY is training center for first responders. This is where K9-1 conducts these protection and other classes

    1. it’s not so much the breed, the most important part in Schutzhund or protect is that you have a solid dog. meaning that the temperament is “bomb” proof, so no accidental bites. also that you don’t slack it training, you can’t stop once you train to bite or guard, release and stop are more important. hole this helped

  2. Good training guys, refreshing to see an assortment off trained dogs being neutral/friendly then responding to purely a verbal command from the handler, without the need for a dancing decoy wearing massive visual stimulants. (suit/sleeves)
    Well done and thanks for sharing.
    Gee @ Darkvakia GSD’s.

  3. Thanks for the video. graet ideas. The best lessons that I have seen was at Brainy paws (i found it on google) Without a doubt the most useful dog training tips that I have ever liked.

  4. thanks. very helpful. The best results that I have noticed was at Brainy paws (i googled it) Without a doubt the most awesome dog training tips that I have ever liked.

    1. +F00del I went to their site and my computer was instantly infected with a child porn virus…

  5. Ive been wondering: What if the handlers mistakenly say the attack command when talking to someone (if they use the command in a sentence, for example) will the dog react to it?

    Also, do the dog know that this is just training, or do they think their master is really being threatened?

    1. The owner will probably spell out the word, or say the word in another room. Also, when the dog knows that this is good behavior, it doesn’t care whether practice or real life situations. All the dog knows is that when the owner says attack, it attacks.

  6. When do you start training dogs to attack on command? I have a 5-month-old puppy that has learnt to sit and stay and is in the process of learning to lay but she gets distracted. I am guessing she is too young to train to attack, except if I want her to attack my cats lol. When is the earliest I can start training her?

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