7 Dog Tricks in 5 Minutes!

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63 Comments on “7 Dog Tricks in 5 Minutes!”

    1. Jahn Chloe Garcia depends whether you want your dog to “die” standing up or sitting pretty. basically from standing position/sit pretty position, lure your dog into a down. Once your dog has the hang of that, raise the criteria and lure your dog into a down and onto its side. then once he got that down, add the verbal cue. Say Bang! and lure him into the dead position. Keep repeating and after a while you would be able to just do the hand signal (mine is a finger gun) and say bang and your dog should do the trick. Keep repeating. Also be patient. It might take your dog a few days maybe weeks to master the trick. Hope this helped 😊

    2. Zak George’s Dog Training rEvolution . Hi I have a 5 year old friendly stray dog i am training it to sit but he jumps on at the treats. Please make a video to avoid jump ing while training the dog to sit

    3. Riyaz Shaik don’t put the treat over the head more than 3 inches *takes out ruler* no but airiously… check out my “Eevee Entertainment, how to train your dog.

    4. Riyaz Shaik umm just wait until your dog sits just position your hand (with a treat)high up that your dog can’t reach the treat
      but don’t forget to let the dog sniff the treat so that your dog knows that you have a treat.
      if that doesn’t work position your hand (with a treat) at the top of your dogs nose so that your dog doesn’t need to jump and let your dog look up.
      (and also be patient when training your dog)
      and I also have a dog that when I try to train her to sit she will jump.😃😉😃

    1. Oscar Ortega try different things on alternate days…..one day give him toys inside…..one day dont lock him up and let him choose where he wants to sleep……one day make him play to tired……one day move his cratle nearby your bed so that it can see u……hope any may help. My advice is don’t lock him up, let him be inside your room and lock your room, when u sleep and seeing this for days together he will learn. its not an overnight process though

    2. AMAR TRIPATHY I Lock My Dog In Bathroom Sized Room And We Leave The Crate Door Open
      But She Likes That 🤗🤗🤗
      Great Advice On Dogs 🖒🖒🖒

    1. Chipz thanks. He does fetch rope but not balls, we’re still working with him on that… He literally shows no interest. We’ve got this ball that we fill with peanut butter, he seems to be doing well with that one (with peanut butter) …. So maybe he’ll learn to like the tennis balls. May have to try the rope with ball to see if he takes to that. Thank you for your suggestion 👍

    1. EpicDog how about you potty train your dog
      or just get him outside like 30 minutes after eating
      and when your dog wakes up in the morning get your dog outside like 10 minutes after waking

  1. can you teach us how to teach our dogs the “Bang your died” trick? Whick is you make a gun with your hands and pretend to shot the dog and it falls to the ground!

    1. Karla Chichia I just recently taught my dog that. What I did was get my dog to go into a sit pretty and then I would lure him into a down and treat for that. Once he got that down, I raised the criteria to him going from a sit pretty into a down and then from a down into laying on his side. Then, once he got that down, I added the verbal cue whivh is “Bang” and then I did the hand singal. If you want your dog to do it from a standing position then basically do the same thing. Also, just to help my dog out, I do a finger gun as the hand signal, and when I point the finger gun at him, he sits pretty and then when I say bang, I do the motion like Im shooting him, and as I do so, I bring the finger gun down by my side to signal him to lay down. I hope this helped. 😊

    2. Karla Chichia Also, be patient. It might take your dog a few days to do it and maybe weeks until he’s perfect. Just keep practising 😀

    3. Milena Kozak Thank you for the helpful information now I can teach my husky how to do the trick! Thanks😃

  2. my name is zack to and I love dogs just like you. I wish I will grow up and be like you. I just want to tell you that your really important to me.

    1. Zak George’s Dog Training rEvolution can you please make a video of how to train a 1 month old dachshund puppy? Plzzz I really need your help

  3. Sunny is gorgeous 💖 💖 💖 💖 grew up with a golden, she was awesome! I’m having a ball teaching Valentine tricks and taking her on the bus into town a couple of times a week we’ve progressed from just, bus station, other bus, vet and repeat back. Then I got off the bus at the bottom of town and walked up the main street. We now get off the bus though the station and mall, up and down the street back to the bus station, get the bus to pets at home. Then walk over to Asda, walmart, and get the bus home. I’m finding that, time in the garden and around the house with her ball and teaching her tricks is plenty exercise for her and the breaks in between means if she does react at a dog or a person, it’s giving her time for her cortisol levels to lower. Just loving it and had to share. Big thank you to you Zak, you’ve been a huge help 😊😊😊😊

    1. hi Zak George’s Dog Training rEvolution can you please make a video of how to train a 1 month old dachshund puppy? Plzzz I really need your help

  4. Awesome Job, Sunny! I’m up for all Golden videos, and I love that you included an older dog training video, Zak!

    1. Hi Guys watch video on here .. DogTrainingMadeEasy5.blogspot.com … How To Train Your Own Dog at home

  5. The easiest way to give a dog pills is to give them a few treats by throwing it into their mouth (they are more likely to snap at it to catch it) and throw in the pill randomly. Works like a charm and they never know. 🙂

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