3 Ways to Teach your Dog How to Shake

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78 Comments on “3 Ways to Teach your Dog How to Shake”

    1. No kidding. I cant believe someone would ask a stranger what to name their dog. He doesnt know the dog. How stupid can people be?

  1. Do a great Pyrenees dog training video! Great Pyrenees are the best dogs due to their loyalty, and their ability to scare away any predators, and their love for humans. All my great pyr ever wants to do is snuggle! One downside to these dogs is their independence, which makes them hard to train

    1. I love training independent thinkers! I have two American Hairless Terriers and they are a blast to train. You need to work to motivate them but they are driven and dedicated to solving puzzles once they get the point. If you are interested in working with non-biddable dogs, I recommend When Pigs Fly: Training Success with Impossible Dogs by J. Killian. Great book.

    2. +Thegamingraptors 3 the reason I disagree with you is that Great Pyrenees are not only a great family dogs, but they are also great livestock guardians. Btw dude, you can’t just go around calling people horrible because they may not express the same beliefs as You! Do you even realize how rude that is? All I’m trying to say is that Great Pyrenees are amazing dogs and that I love pyr. You are totally overreacting when you call me a horrible and a dumb person because I said I love my dog. If you have any problem with me doing so, than I guess you can just cry about it.

  2. i hope you don’t take him back to shelter man..this dog got so much potential in being such a great obedient dog

    1. In the beginning of the video he said he’s teaching him tricks before he goes to his adopted owners! He said at the end, “I hope Ricky Junior has a great life!” (That can mean different things, but he’s probably talking about the owners)

    2. Hey there. So this is so this is a common misconception popularized by traditional dog trainers that rely on tools to make life unpleasant when their dog does not perform as desired. Here’s a video that will explain the dominance myth: ==> DogTraining55.blogspot.com

    1. This is just superb, I been tryin to find out about “reward dog” for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you heard people talk about – Jaydenley Doggy Dechlorination – (search on google ) ? Ive heard some decent things about it and my partner got cool results with it.

  3. Hi Zak, great video! I will try to do it with my 14-week-old puppy. I have a concern, how can I teach my puppy not to eat rocks when walking?

    1. Teach an eyecontact command to use where there are “danger zones”, make it the best thing ever to give eyecontact by varying rewards so it’s a surprise what reward will happen. Treats, toys, praise, running together and so on. 🙂 If you have a spaniel or retriever you can also encourage carrying something to keep the mouth occupied. 🙂

  4. One thing I would like to see is how to teach your dog the other shake–shake off. I know people do it so they can get the dog to shake before they come inside instead of just inside the door. But I have been trying to capture with praise and it is so rare we aren’t getting anywhere. I don’t want to spray them with water as they see that as a punisher. Any other way to elicit a shake off to reward?

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    1. Moonlight Breyers Hold a treat tightly in your fist and hold it there, he will probably start to paw at it, then click and give him/her a treat

  6. I tought my dog to sit and give him a reward after that i tought him to lay down. I keep doing that and now whenever he sits after i give him a treat he lays down imeadeatly and looks at me and expects him to give him a treat . How do i get him to sit down and stay sitted?

    1. this is my problem too! I’ve been trying to teach “up” for mine to know to get back up. I think my puppy is dumb. lol

    2. My dog does the same. Im trying to get him to understand the difference between the two with hand signals. But he getting frustrated with me. Even barked lik hey where my treat, u love lay down.

    3. Dream Hunter you need to take out your treat and when he’s sitting put your hand in front of the puppies nose and say stay after a thew seconds give him the treat

  7. I’ve had my puppy for almost a month and he can now sit, lay down, come and he is okay at stay. For some reason he can’t seem to grasp “shake.” I’ve tried all three methods. the one that seems to work best is the lure his paw off the ground (no reaction if I tickle his foot. doesn’t try to paw the food out of my hand.) But he’s not getting the connection of the paw off the ground=treat. 🙁

    1. Miss Jesterhat You can reward your dog but playing a short game (like tug of war) with him. You can also use his dog food to train him.

    2. Miss Jesterhat I suggest reconsidering using treats. Use small ones. My experience is nothing gets their attention more than treats. But what I am doing, and this is more in response to your question, is once I get the new behavior trained with treats I use other rewards. So in a training session, once my dog has gotten really good at something, I use praise and petting as the primary rewards, with an occasional treat mixed in just to keep it unpredictable for him. Now that he has several commands down well enough, I do special training sessions with him just using play. He has a special tug toy that he goes nuts for. It only comes out during training and it’s the only time we play tug. So it’s special for him. In those sessions he does not learn anything new, we just reinforce his skill with his existing commands. So the way I work is to use treats at first and then progress to other rewards. But again, treats are the best thing. You can find inexpensive treats, you can find nutritional treats, and you find tiny treats like Pet Botanics mini training reward. So there is no reason in my opinion to give up such a good tool. Also I can do one thing with with treats that can be vital and that’s lure him to a behavior. Luring is a really useful training technique.

  8. Hey Zak, for me, it always worked for me: grab their paw, use the work “shake hand” and do a real shake, leave it, rinse and repeat(within 3-4 times, they get it) . I never used treats on any of the 4 dogs I tried either 🙂

    Also, what breed is that puppy? Is he a Doberman mix? He is so cute and naughty. I like him very much.

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