3 MORE Things To Teach Your New Puppy!

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57 Comments on “3 MORE Things To Teach Your New Puppy!”

    1. Just adopted a new puppy a mix of a Rottweiler and something else ( we think a sort of sheppard dog)
      Hes sweet as honey and so gentle…❤
      His name is rajah

  1. Thanks Zak super helpful video! I’ve been watching the playlist and importing the best videos into my research slide about the Airedale Terrier. Thanks for everything you have taught me! Keep up the GREAT work.

  2. Hi I love your channel and it helps me so much with everything I’m getting a puppy so I got your book to help me so thank you keep it up! (By the way I’m subscribed!) I love how patient you are with these puppies!!!

  3. What a vicious little monster hahah, it hurts so much with those sharp little puppy teeth. He’s going to be a stout Rottweiler when he grows up

    1. •AsylumBraulio • Ok sir btw can I teach him from his childhood like SIT,STAY,NO,STOP..??
      LIKE I don’t know why people say that first time owner should go for lab I don’t know why really..

    2. Sayan Bhattacharya Rotties are on a whole nother level of breed . Rotties were bred as guard dogs . A rottie will kill anything in it’s path just for you . It’s important to socialize them to dogs and humans. They are really powerful dogs , you can get one but there’s more responsibility in them .

    3. •AsylumBraulio • Thank you sir for your honest response thanks a lot sir..Can I ask you few more questions in future??

  4. Hey Zak please help me.I got my puppy 3 weeks ago and she learned sit immediately. BUT she only sits when I have treats in my hand/something she wants. What should I do? The main problem is that I’ve been trying to teach her down and paw for 2 weeks and every time she does it correctly the next time she just stares and I have to go very slow because she isn’t interested in any treats or toys when it comes to training. It’s just frustrating that she just doesn’t get it after 2 weeks,what am I doing wrong? She just doesn’t want to learn “down”. When I have the treat on the floor she just lick it but wont lie down no matter how slow i go. Please help what can i do? Also i tought her stay but same thing she will listen when she wants to. Well I think she is that stubborn because she is a French bulldog. Thank you for all your videos I have been watching them for YEARS and now I can finally use them as I have my puppy 🙂

    1. Marie In the Koehler method of dog training. Before starting you must make your dog want to train. You want to avoid feeding 3 hours before training to make treats most effective, a dog will not want treats on a full stomach. Also remove all stimulus for 2 hours this will make sure the dog has energy and is interested in your training you can do this by putting it in its kennel or bed. I’ve used this method and it’s extremely effective in my experience in getting a positive response during training.

    2. I think you gave her the treat everyone time she sat when you said to do so …..that was your mistake….now don’t give her the treat every time….once in every three time would be good

  5. What a load of rubbish…..Rotties are not trained this way. This Millennial style of training will get someone killed with his soft approach on a dog with a Rottweilers characteristics. Cute puppy btw.

    1. Juan Raphael Aguillon you’re saying that he’s telling the truth? That this training is “rubbish”? I don’t believe so, but whatever.

    2. Juan Raphael Aguillon I just successfully taught two dogs sit, down, and stay and taught one touch, shake and speak all in two days using lure training. It’s actually very effective.

  6. Shame that the wee rottie has his tail chopped. I always wondered what breeders do with the tails and sometimes the ears. If they keep them in a jar next to their collection of childrens tears.

    1. Dylan Haggarty not all of them. I’ve seen an amazing amount of dogs born without tails (ie: corgis, chihuahuas, cattle dogs, heelers, a few rotts, and jack russels.)

    2. I have never heard of a Rottie being born without tail. They always dock them, naturally they have beautiful tails.

    3. Go Pro Rottweiler
      Not entirely. Some dogbreeds break their tails because they wag it hard and into everything without noticing they broke it. There is a list of breeds with this issue and docking to prevent future issues is allowed. Short list though.

    4. Jame Gumb If you watch out for this issue while breeding it will get fixed in a heartbeat. That is why European rotties have bigger, more majestic tails now then when they used to dock them

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