10 Easy Tips for Teaching your Dog a RELIABLE Fetch!

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Megan and Callie the corgi remained after course just recently since she needed some ideas on getting her pet dog to have fun with a toy. This video is PERFECT for anybody that has a dog with energy! Does your canine play fetch? It's fun and also simple as well as in this video I'll offer you my top 10 suggestions for showing your pet to LOVE a plaything as well as love playing with YOU!

30 Comments on “10 Easy Tips for Teaching your Dog a RELIABLE Fetch!”

  1. Excellent videos and great energy, subbed! Keep up the good work. I just had one question, with the feather toy at the end. In my mind, and perhaps it’s just a human perspective on things, it seems “mean” not to let them have the toy at some point? They expend all that energy chasing it and then you don’t let them have it? Do you give them a different reward after? Or is the chase rewarding enough even if they don’t get “the kill”?

    1. Sam Carlson thank you honey trying to dogs I want to see if you can come out see me lonely bit more another dog I understand and that and I want to cuz going what

  2. i stumbled onto Zak after seeing Ian Dunbar today on Tedtalks. wow I just got an 11 month old mix who loves to play and I see EXACTLY what to do with Toni. Thanks!!!!

  3. Hi, I have a labrador, she love to play fetch, but there is a small problem, she didnt give it to my hand, she just drops it 1 m in front of me 🙂 what is the solution? Anyone? 🙂

    1. Hi, my dog was doing that too, it takes a bit of patience and a bribe haha. So when they bring it closer, exchange the toy for a treet, and they will be more encouraged to bring it closer and closer to your hand, because that is where the treat is .. hope this helps

  4. I have a 3-5 year old recently rescued male Collie mix, and he sometimes chases the ball picks it up then drops it, and then other times he just watched it roll away. LOL

    Love all your videos, so helpful!

    Thank you for all that you do!

  5. my 7 months old Brittany dog really likes to steal stuff and run away with it, not sure if that counts as fetching? :p

  6. I have a mini Doberman pincher ok and she is obsessed with tennis balls ok she’ll fetch it but starts to ly down and chew it instantly

  7. I have a 5 month Pomeranian lil puppy. She knows almost 6 or 7 tricks thus far, sit, bark, stay, spin, walk, up. Fetch is the next 1 I will try, thanks Zac.

    1. My Chihuahua sometimes will run after the toy look at it maybe even pick it up but then drops it and either comes back or not. He won’t chase me he likes me to chase him he’s often frightened or shy. Please help he needs the exercise. And something to be happy about. He is a rescue

  8. when i throw the toy my dog runs for it then sniff it then he leave’s the toy and play with other dogs help please

  9. My dog doesn’t have any toys that he likes to catch. When he runs for it, he just plays with it even though I try to get him to chase me. Nothing’s working I need some advice please

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